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ConiFur and Dropping Air Fares

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If you are on the bubble deciding if you can afford to go to this year's ConiFur NorthWest, now is the perfect time to check out the current competitive pricing plans that the various airlines are offering. Upon getting reports of very low rates from some of our membership, I've been doing research online and found that round trip tickets are indeed dropping quite a bit. Most coast to coast round trip tickets are at $300 or less! Now you can fly for as low as $236 through American Airlines for example. Fares up and down the west coast average $180 or less. Many others are matching this fare or offering better deals.

Try Orbitz and Travelocity for low fares.

Now is the time to shop for those great prices! And don't forget to make your reservations for your hotel room as well as they are going fast.

-Dan Canaan
-ConiFur NorthWest


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