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Inu-Yasha comes to Cartoon Network

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Inu-yasha, Rumiko Takahashi's latest animated series will appear this Saturday, (and perhaps later Saturdays) on Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" programming block.
This series concerns a modern Tokyo girl, a dead ancient priestess, and a half-demon who has feelings for both (or are they one). The half-demon (Inu-yasha) has some dog-like traits in roughly the manner of the reoccuring Japanese cat-girl.

At least six shows are sheduled.Rumiko Takahashi is known for various comic and animated series including One Pound Gospel, Masion Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, and Urusei Yatsura. Many of these works concern characters trying to maintain their place in contemporary society in the face of absurd alien, mystic, etc. intervention, with hilarity ensuing.

Inu-yasha could be perhaps classified as a romantic-horror-comedy.


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This has been posted twice.

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Arigat--- er, thank you!

Incidentally, Inuyasha is the sexahyiest anime fur to come down the translated turnpike for a while, IMHO. But I have a thing for bishonen, so.... yeah.

It should be noted that the first thing the heroine does in coming across the half-demon (who is asleep, having been pinned to a tree with a magic arrow for 50-some years) is rub his ears. Excessively. ;)-

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