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Sept 11 -- a memorial site

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I (Kelly 'STrRedWolf' Price) am starting up a hub of webcomics who are doing Sept 11 memorials that day. Further information follows as to where it is and how to contribute. The website domain has just been created.I have not received any objection from Gav, Nate, Teri, nor Chris about a Sept 11 memorial site, so I have created a domain to do so:

This will be a hub site for webcomics doing Sept 11th tributes. I myself will have one. I hear some may have Auctions for charity, which I would like to get more coverage.

To participate, please contact me at a special address:

sept11 (at) tygris (dot) mailshell (dot) com

In the subject: SEPT 11 WEB TRIBUTE

In the text, I need your name, your site's name, and a small 128x128 image relating to your tribute (like a cropped portion of your tribute). They will be put in a group webpage, which will be turned on early Sept 11th.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICAL KEEN PRODUCTION. This is something I'd like to build in memory of those who have died in the attacks, on my own volition. If folks did sign up for a Sept 11 site on KeenSpace, please contact me at the above address, so we don't duplicate efforts.


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