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Foxes like Balls. Duh.

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A fox caused some problems on a recent golf tourny by nabbing the balls off the fairway and causing the golfer to take a stroke penalty.

Article Here

from MelSkunk: There's also a previous article on golf ball loving foxes


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"Stroke penalty."


The story about the fox nabbing golf balls isn't new, but the "stroke penalty" is a new, ah, twist, at least to me. =D

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Manawolf! Get your mind out of the fox hole... err... the sand trap... err... never mind

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Sorry, didn't mean to block your view. ;D

I'll just stroke my ball into the bush hazard now... uh.... *cough*

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You are awful.

Do not EVER CHANGE!!! =^.^=

(BTW, I have had that said to me those exact words, no less!) }=)

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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I've actually been to a golf course where the foxes were so populous they were made the course mascots. I think they had a racket going - steal golf balls off the fairways, and swap them to the pro shop for rabbits, or something. I came face-to-snout with one after shanking a shot nearly into the brush. They're very nearly fearless. And quite cool.
(then again, this course also had moose hanging out on the fairway, and for a few days had a grizzly bear that enjoyed napping on the ninth tee box.)
-- tony

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