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ConFurence 11 Video on DVD and VHS

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The 2-hour long Souvenir Highlight Video of ConFurence 11 (April, 2000 in Irvine, California) is now available from The ConFurence Group on both VHS tape and DVD.

Tapes are $15 each, and are dubbed directly from a digital master in NTSC format on T-120 HS media.

DVD's are $19 each, digitally mastered and written to DVD-R media, with a full-color wraparound DVD Case, and a chapter index insert. There is no region coding, and the aspect ratio is anamorphic 4:3 (full screen).Note: Some earlier DVD players will not play DVD-R media properly. All computer DVD-ROM drives should have no problem, and over 95% of commercial DVD video players should work just fine.

Mail orders, add $4 for shipping and Handling for up to 3 items in your order, or add $10 shipping for 4 to 10 items. Shipping is limited to the United States and its territories.

If you want to buy a tape or disc from us directly, come to our table at one of these upcoming events:
Conjecture: San Diego, October 18-20, 2002
LosCon: Burbank, Thanksgiving weekend, 2002
Further Confusion: San Jose, January 2003
ConFurence: Burbank, April 25-27, 2003.

A two-disc VCD version is also available on request for $19. Allow a couple weeks for shipping the VCD version, as they will be made on demand after we receive your order.

Make checks payable to "ConFurence" and send your order to:
The ConFurence Group
PO Box 84721
San Diego, CA 92138-4721



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