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ConFurence Calls for Western Artwork

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The theme for ConFurence 2003 (April 25-27, 2003 in Burbank, California) is "The Furry West" and The ConFurence Group is gearing up for a rootin' tootin' high-falootin' shindig.

This is a call to all artists for western themed anthropomorphic artwork for use on the CF website, in advertising, for at-con signage, and in the Souvenir Pogram Book.

"Western Themed" includes anything along the lines of the old west, native american life and mythos, early spanish american pueblos and missions, life as a forty-niner (the miners, not the football team), and the U.S. Cavalry before the turn of the century. If you're a history buff and can think of other topics to include, we'd love to see it!

Special Note: This year's Souvenir Program Book will have color on some of the inside pages! Therefore, we will accept more than just your black&white lineart for submission into the program book.

The deadline for the program book is Friday, February 14, 2003. Get your artwork to us before then (if electronic: use 300dpi or better resolution, TIFF format is preferred, PDF format is ok.) If you are going to mail in the artwork, please send high-quality copies as we may not be able to return the originals.

The ConFurence Group
PO Box 84721
San Diego, CA 92138-4721

Advertisers and Artists: send an EMail to to receive an automated reply that includes the program book submission guidelines.


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