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Angelina Jolie turns into a werewolf

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From Draconis (of

Angelina the werewolf

Hollywood movie star Angelina Jolie, well known for her taste for the macabre, is planning to don werewolf garb for her next film role, industry sources said on Tuesday.Rest at source

from MelSkunk: Yet another 'cut the entire article out and then paste it into our submit window' submission. PLEASE don't do that, as there's a good chance it won't be posted. It takes but a minute to summerize it into your own words. If you can't be bothered, maybe the article isn't important enough to post here?


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Hint for folks who are additionally lazy: Copy only the first paragraph of the article, if it came from a newspaper.

Why? Anyone who's taken high school journalism will tell you that articles are built like a pyramid. First, there's a short summary that's only a few lines long. Then, a medium length story with relivant details. Afterwards, the full mess gets expounded on, including irrevant but possibly useful items (like Jolie filming Tomb Raider 2. I hope she got enhancements to be more like the game).

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