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New Guests added for ConFurence 2003!

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Two new guests, Joe Staton and Omaha Sternberg have been added in the last few weeks to the fast-growing Guest Lineup at ConFurence 2003.

Joe Staton is best known for illustrating the recent Scooby Doo Comic Books, Creating the original E-Man, Teddy-Q, and Michael Mauser characters in the early 70's, and most recently did work on Furry Ninja High School, which is being released in a couple weeks by Shanda Fantasy Arts.

Joe has worked for 27 publishers with 82 different editors over the last 30 years, and is quite a talent in the industry. There is a Bio of Joe Staton online with more information about the artist.

Our next guest announcement, Omaha Sternberg, needs very little introduction to most furry fans. Having created the original Cabaret Fur-le-Dance at ConFurence 3 in 1992, Omaha takes her name from the exotic dancing feline created by Reed Waller and Kate Worley. The Cabaret Fur-le-Dance was originally started to raise money for Reed Waller's medical bills (he fought cancer and beat it!) and continues to be a tradition at ConFurence with different named charities each year.

Omaha returns to ConFurence 2003 after not being able to attend for the last few years, and she will be very welcome, indeed.ConFurence 2003 returns us to the fantastic facilities at The Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center on April 25 to April 27, 2003. Our theme this year is The Furry West and should prove to inspire some very interesting artwork and costuming.

The current lineup of Guests for ConFurence 2003 is now:
* Dark Natasha
* Theresa Mather
* Leslie Fish
* Roy D. Pounds II
* Ruben Avila
* Joe Staton
* Omaha Sternberg

For more information about ConFurence 2003 or other events hosted by The ConFurence Group, please visit our website at


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