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*Woof!* I am WhiteShepherd a friendly and sometimes...often chatty white dog. ;) I am the head the admin of . I often get the question emailed “What is Furtopia?”. So I am here to explain the “what”, “where”, and “why” of this furry service.

What: Furtopia is a fast and free furry web hosting service dedicated to all the furry arts. Furtopia is a “.org” commercial-free community service run by volunteer furs. Some of the services offered are: Free hosting for furry artwork, stories, and music. Personalized (www."yourname".*.*) subdomain and domain name hosting available. There is a linking service to send web traffic to furs who already have sites. Web accounts can get access to CGI-Perl and PHP. Furtopia Public records is also a very popular service. It allows artists to see who is accessing their web pages, what parts of their pages are most popular, and where their visitors are coming from. Another VERY useful feature for artists and visitors alike is the Furtopia “dated” index. Normally when a archive is visited a user doesn’t know if a site has new material to be seen. All Furtopia user indexes are dated allowing an artist to show visitors they have some nifty and new hard work ready to be viewed. :) All Furtopia user listings are also rated to allow furs to find the content that best suits them. There is even web access to the mucks for Furs on the road. These are just some of the services we offer.

Why: In the late months of 2001 a dog (WhiteShepherd me ;) and Pegasus (Kada-Ru) decided they wanted to create a furry hosting service to give back to the furry community and help artists grow and share their work. They wanted to set reliability as first priority, and try to code/offer services users would find useful. They also wanted Furtopia to be non-commercial. It was to be created and run by furs who just wanted to help other furs.

On 3/21/2002 after a lot of hard work Furtopia and Dragoncity went live and has grown rapidly by word of mouth and muzzle. We opened with a mission statement and have held true to it ever since. :)

Quote from the Furtopia mission:
Our Furtopia Dream - to provide a completely commercial free and reliable grass roots hosting service for the furry community we can all enjoy. A well maintained site run by fur volunteers, helping other furs.
We do not consider ourselves the "only" hosting site in the furry community. Nor do we offer restrictions, like forbidding you to host your content elsewhere. Our philospohy: The more furs helping other furries the better. :) The Furtopia goal is to simply help in any way our services can. Feel free to set up a mirror site, make this your primary home, or even a place a link here to a page elsewhere to get more traffic. The Furtopia dream is simply furs helping furs. Join our grass roots following in spreading the word about us and together we will make this place even better!

As part of Furtopia if we can help we will try. Furtopia also offers services to help others when we are able:,, and others. Purrrhaps you may have seen us somewhere before? We’ve been around and we’re here to stay... :)

Furtopia’s top watch dog... WhiteShepherd

If you’d like to find out more you can look at our FAQ For those looking Furtopia can be located at: We also run a second mirror domain at for the dragon kin of the furrydom.


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