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FurNation is Back Online!

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Well, after a minor server glitch (hardware related) we have re-installed the new system at the new ISP.

We now have up to 100MB/s data transfer from our new location. We are connected to a 1GB/s UUNET fiber channel with a 1GB/s AT&T backup line.

The server has redundant everything so there should be no more outages. We are pre-paid up on the new location for 5 months.

Now, I have to re-install the front end modules on the entry page and re-activate the FTP server (should be finished tomorrow).

For now everyone can go to FurNation and the system works, abit with a few pages which may still not be activated yet.


from MelSkunk: I checked the link, it's really online now. Enjoy!


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Congratulations! It's very nice to see the familiar sites up and running again. I wish you the best of luck over the months to come, as Furnation and the pages it hosts was one of the first introductions I had to the fandom. As you'll notice, I hardly ran screaming for the hills.

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Yes.. very nice.
Now wassup with YERF?? >:P

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It's about time. Good work getting it online with everything going wrong recently. I hate it when hardware dies.

Lets hope the server can withstand the flood of furs its bound to get in the next few days.

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It's been a while, and I still can't access the FTP. I need to update my site >.<

-- Cnipur

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