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A Hoppin' Good Time?

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While at the movie theatre the other night I caught a glimpse of a trailer for "Kangaroo Jack". While I don't expect this to be a masterpiece of cinematography, the presence of the film's main character will most likely compensate... take a look at


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It's a predictable plot. No story whatsoever.

It will be painful to watch unless you like Jerry Lewis style comedy.

The kangaroo has all the best lines- and he doesn't speak!

It's a shame there has to be humans in the movie. They do ruin it from the previews I've seen so far.

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You want to know the worst part of this?
Its an almost straight ripoff of an old issue of "The Badger" comic book from First comics, in the 80s!
The only real differences I can see are that The Badger isn't in it, and the jacket has an envelope full of cash instead of a set of keys to a red porsche....
(Yes, "Kid Kanga" in the comic was actually wearing the jacket...)

-Iron Badger-
The one and only!

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