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So You Want To Be a Real-Life Furry

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It's @ Fur Thing, a non-profit pending registration, has started up a webpage featuring a fund that will go towards forming a think-tank and a research council that hopes to develop procedures and technology that will someday produce real-life furries. The homepage of the fund is



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Thanks for the author tip! I have over 1000 SF&F paperbacks, but since getting this computer and discovering furries on-line, I havent bought any! NB

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I can't tell if this is a joke or not... but if it isn't, well... heh heh, we might just have some fun. The fact that somebody donated 25 bucks already though, means that somebody out there thinks this is legit. I'll be keeping an eye on this...

Tlaren }:=8}

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Dear Sirs.

If you all donate but one dollar to me, I will see to it that I live a very happy life. This happy life will thus insure the pleasent experience of people around me, in a trickle down effect. I may also contribute to the development of laser eye beams. (For shooting at passing pigeons the use of)

- Lamar

ps. You may have heard that New York has a spare bridge for sale, well its your lucky day...

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Hey if you get a laser eye, then I want a hydralic arm for crushing annoying animals that crap in my yard.

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I read the fund page, and I don't get it.

Why should I donate?

What technologies will they be using to make me into a "real-life furry"? Are these body modifications? If so, what will they be made of? How will these be attached to my body? How will they deal with antibodies? How will the nerve cells in my body be attached to these modifications?

Why can I believe that this group is more likely to succeed than any other? If these are body modifications, what medical experience does this group have?

If these aren't body modifications, what technologies are they planning on using? What would the power needs be? How much training would I need?

When they've developed the technology, what will it cost me for this experiment? Would it be permanent? What guarantees would I have that the experiment would be successful?

There's too little there.

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B. U. T. (Behold Underlying Truth) such modifications exist already providing you have the funds and a doctor callous enough to take your money (like Michael Jackson's so-called plastic surgeons).

1) A full body hair weave and you have fur.
2) Dental implants and you have canines.
3) Specially crafted contact lenses and you have unique irises.
4) Cranial sculpting and lots of surgery and you have a passable money.

Bottom line: Never underestimate a plastic surgeon who is being lured by money held by the desperate.

As for me, I'm very content to be human with a to-do list that covers the next 20 years.

Rev. Boxer @ Gettysburg, PA ><>

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This has all the classic markings of a "fraudulent" effort that one has to take the claims sceptically:
1) It's claimed that it is going to be non-profit, yet has no supporting trail of paper or documents for showing progress toward the claim made.
2) It's claimed that there will be a research council appointed, yet fails what the selection criteria will be or who has already been selected to be on it - nor what the minimum academic or professional qualifications are to be on the council, or how the council functions or if it even controls the fund.
3) It takes a small number ($0.50) and multiplies it by a rediculiously big number (all of people in a state) and come up with a large number that has no merit at all - as to whether it will be enough... a start... or do nothing at all. This is a classic ploy of..."Something other than zero, times infinity... is infinity too!" This is often referred to as "Bad Math Mojo."
4) No timeline is given, nor any path toward reaching any "goals" at all. Not even planning goals.
5) The effort is even claimed to be started by self proclaimed "three 'fringe-furries" - which roughly seems to translate to "You don't know us, but send us your money anyway... because you can trust us because we're who we say we are."
6) It includes a make all ... payable to... (insert individual's name here). Ye, no where does it state that the individual named will place the funds into a trust fund... or return it in full if the effort fails to produce any real research.
In conclusion, one has to wonder... is this a test case of the addage... "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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I definatly have to agree with you, I didn't go through much of it all before the words 'scam' and 'conact' popped into my head. As much as such a wonderful fund would be great, I seriously think this is some sort of gimick that some guy is just using to get some quick cash.

Oh well, maybe some day we'll get something like a transmogifier (if anyone used to read Calvin and Hobbes =Þ) and we'll be able to become true furries, but as of now all we have are plastic surgeons and money stealing gimicks.

I guess ya gotta give the guy some credit thoguh...
...he did pick something that a lot of people could get suckered into easily.


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The only donation they need is some well selected SF books.

The motives, means, methods, and (most importantly of all) the
consequences (You think discrimination and persecution are bad
now?!) have been examined in depth and detail by many writers.

I dont believe they will have any more influence on creating a
furry population than the L-5 Society did in creating space
habitats, or the Planetary Society has had in colonizing Mars.

Save your donation money for some good books or art prints. NB

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It's so sad. This article is about something I've dreamed of for years, but it's so obviously a scam. Bastard.

Though I think he's right about us being on the verge of acquiring that technology. One can always hope.

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This is being posted by A. C. Gmork Labyrinthian Kadran X. H., who submitted the newsbyte, and helped set up the website. So, yes it is true that the website doesn't present much yet so far (besides $75 in funds now), but it will. As soon as we have all of our non-profit papers arranged along with the insurance general liability coverage (I'm a licensed property and casualty agent in Colorado), those documents are going to be uploaded onto the site including a digital certificate of liability. The insurance alone is being provided in kind from me, and the registration fees are being donated by another entity. Stuff like this can take up to three weeks. This site went live on 12/12/02. Give these things time.

As for my experience in non-profits and trust funds, the insurance agency I work for uses a trust fund I manage to transfer money to Progressive, AIG, Unitrin, Deerbrook, etc.

You can choose whether to believe my legitimacy or not but I will send reference letters to anybody who wants to question my ethics and where the funds are going.

If you want to worry about the procedures and techniques and doctors and ethics of this whole deal, then that's great: you have the same agenda as we do. That's why we are forming this thing: to explore, research, and plan this entire thing out. But in order to do so, even to lobby scientists and the scientific community to pay attention, it will take money. That is a fact of our society and life.

I apologize if our current representation angered or saddened you, but this IS legit. If you believe it's not possible or if you decide you don't want to do it, that's up to you, but that doesn't mean I have, or any of us involved have, malicious intent.

Thank you for your time, comments, and donations so far, I hope to see this fund, and organization, grow far into the future to be what we have all dreamed for so long.

One of the three "fringe furries",
P&C Agent, Sales Consultant for GDIA

Comment edited by staff to remove certain personal and now-inaccurate details at their request.

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Stuff like this can take up to three weeks. This site went live on 12/12/02. Give these things time.

It never occurred to you to delay the site's release until you had your documents in order to help prove your credibility?

I'm sorry, but the skeptic in me says that if you cannot think even that far in advance your management skills and thus your long-range plans to research and develop ways to turn humans into furries" is in a great deal of jeopardy.

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I so want to believe you. And you really do sound honest (that's lame, I know, but I'm an idealist). I'll retract my statment of "Bastard," and if you turn out to be the real thing, it's something I'd definitely donate to.


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Okay, well, you can think that. Honestly you can release information whenever you want, we all voted to just chose to do it sooner than later. Call it a mix-up of committee opinion, or just poor judgment... that still doesn't change the legitimacy of the fund.


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Call it a mix-up of committee opinion, or just poor judgment... that still doesn't change the legitimacy of the fund.

Actually, poor judgement of a decision making group is a great reflection on the legitimacy on the potential of such a fund.

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please world let this happen

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ladies and gentlemen. although I am completely against donating because it is probably a con. im a strong believer that a furry can exist, although to become a furry would require a brain transplant (that doesn't exist and neither will ever exist because it is impossible) or major body modifications(that don't do what they say they do) but with massive advances in genetics it would be quite simple to create a furry because it just a human with fur and other animal features; that can be genetically isolated and discovered. and with a long line of research this could happen eventually. I am learning to join the genetic science business. and would love to see if this is possible. but the major set back is that the creating a furry would be against the UN and laws emplaced by Geneva. Genetic modification on humans is illegal and is unfortunate. But is illegal because it could cause a domino effect in are DNA structure unlocking closed genetic strands (and well that could be incredible bad) it could lead to things such as birth deformities and forms of cancer becoming more prone etc etc. but this cant be proven yet.but maybe as the time changes so too will laws and maybe a furry will go from fantasy to reality. just keep watching the future anything is possible. also with time DNA understanding and technology will improve and may lead to a furry. but for now I cant see it happening in any of our life times but hay I don't know. thanks for reading.

by the crazy mad scientist dude

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Sirs, if anyone was interested in seeing what the heck all the hullabaloo was about (rightfully so)...

I have posted up an archive copy of the site for historical purposes:


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Oops, made a typo, meant to post:

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