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Adult Swim's 'Check It Out' to profile furries on Sunday night

Edited as of Wed 18 Apr 2012 - 01:11
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U.S. cable channel Adult Swim is showing an episode of Check It Out! about furries, entitled 'Animals', to be broadcast Sunday 11:30PM CST (10:30PM MST, 12:30AM Monday EST/PST).

Update (18 Apr): The full segment is now available, but has no more furry-specific content.

Interviewer 'Dr. Steve Brule' leads with such incisive questions as "How come you wanna be an animal?", "What kind of animal do you want to be?" and "How do you catch an animal?" Excited by the concept, he suggests "[turning] into some animals and see what'd happen!"

Brule (dressed in a donkey suit) was not impressed by the resulting mini-fursuit-parade, calling it "not that fun", but "what else are you gonna do, dressed up like a dang animal?"

The furs, Amy and Crash the Dog, were recruited after the producers had difficulty finding participants. [Higgs Raccoon]


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Here we go again.

Edit: Well, maybe, maybe not. How much dirty laundry can they possibly bring up on Cartoon Network, even at night?

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From what I saw of the clip compared to the host of the show, the furries by comparison seemed relatively normal.

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A better view of Amy (the wolf with the blue/purple highlights) is provided in this video blog.

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"I'm not sure how else to say it... We're not a sensationalist show. We're not even a news show. We're trying to do a very short, very lighthearted piece, and we'd like to invite real Furs to be a part of it."

What a bold face lier.

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I don't think it was a lie. They're making fun of the regular character, not the interview subjects. They're not a news show - they're late night entertainment. They went the extra mile to find actual furries, when it would have been relatively easy to find actors to do it (in fact, I believe Amy is an actor, but she also happens to be a furry).

Yes, they're still making money off the the curiosity of others over our nature, but the representation of the fans, at least as shown in this preview, does not seem negative. We'll have to see the full piece, of course.

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I may be mistaken but the tony who's twitter account you linked is not the right guy. That appeared to be Crash The Dog on the couch and I believe that Tony (Amy's boyfriend) is not a furry.

As for the show I'm not that worried about this one. Admittedly I have never seen Check it Out but it looks like a stupid funny kinda thing no one is likely to take seriously.

Time will tell I suppose.

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Thanks for the correction!

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I saw this. Should watch it. The commercial I saw he seems to want to poke fun at fursuit sex, though i'm not sure how much or how seriously.

Incidentally, As featured another bump featuring a fursuiter recently, though I only caught the tail end of it.

(Did i really just admit to watching AS? Fuck you, American Dad! is funny!)

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When I had cable I watched it in college, Heck I even wrote a review of the "Hoppy Bunny" episode that Aqua Teen Hunger Force did back in 2008.

But then again, I can see the good in just about anything, like the CSI episode I said "Well, we may be sex freaks, but in the end it wasn't a furry who killed anyone."

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I actually liked the CSI episode. I mean seriously, you guys--sex at cons happens more often than you think. And what else do you expect from that kind of show?

When it comes to viewer ratings, "sex fiend gets killed" > "Boring nerd gets killed".

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Sex at cons happens a lot, but CSI made it seem like furcons have fursuit orgies as part of their official events. (Did you even notice the event listings they had posted up in the lobby on there? What a laugh!)

I'm not spiteful, I'm Katty!

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The part which got me laughing was three catered meals (although the Furry Cruise might just have that).

CSI is great because it helps you tell who hasn't done their research.

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That's not too outrageous. Morphicon has a catered meal of pizza (actual good supreme pizzas, not the crappy $5 kind)on Friday, and scheduled hot meals (like home made soup) or cold cut smorgasbords (catered by the hotel) throughout the rest of the weekend for ALL attendees, plus breakfast every day, and constant hot dogs, chips, veggies, and soft drinks during hospitality hours. This isn't even counting the sponsor dinner and ice cream social!

So maybe the CSI people came to Morphicon.

I'm not spiteful, I'm Katty!

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I saw this commercial too, just last night.

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Not often having cable when on the road, I was unable to catch it. I haven't seen 1 episode of Check it Out yet, and really haven't wanted to as it's a spinoff to one of the most retarded shows in Adult Swim history: "Tim & Eric's Awesome Show: Good Job!" That show made 12 Oz. Mouse actually make more sense!

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The full episode (which may or may not also be here) doesn't have any more content about those who, according to Dr. Brule, "really want to be an animal". It does, however, feature numerous bizarre ads for Toad's [two-in-one] Corned Beef Hash and Creamed Chip Beef, as well as:

* A segement where Sean Roach of Education Through Nature terrorizes Dr. Brule with spiders, cockroaches ("Life's about having a good time and having candy, not about putting roaches in your hair!") and a "kissing" lizard
* A visit to a zoo, quickly terminated by an emergency price alert from Myer's Super Foods for the sponsored product
* An interview of a blind woman with a guide dog (Dr. Brule takes advantage by pretending he looks like "George Crooney")
* Dr. Brule with what appears to be a rabid dog, who he tries to use as an example of how easy it is to train a guide dog

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So they were just marketing to the nerdy furries to get them to watch their live action shows on cartoon network? We been played!

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