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Adult Swim's 'Check It Out' to profile furries on Sunday night

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U.S. cable channel Adult Swim is showing an episode of Check It Out! about furries, entitled 'Animals', to be broadcast Sunday 11:30PM CST (10:30PM MST, 12:30AM Monday EST/PST).

Update (18 Apr): The full segment is now available, but has no more furry-specific content.

Interviewer 'Dr. Steve Brule' leads with such incisive questions as "How come you wanna be an animal?", "What kind of animal do you want to be?" and "How do you catch an animal?" Excited by the concept, he suggests "[turning] into some animals and see what'd happen!"

Brule (dressed in a donkey suit) was not impressed by the resulting mini-fursuit-parade, calling it "not that fun", but "what else are you gonna do, dressed up like a dang animal?"

The furs, Amy and Crash the Dog, were recruited after the producers had difficulty finding participants. [Higgs Raccoon]

Video: Beastcub's robot unicorn on Adult Swim

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Beastcub's robot horse

Adult Swim viewer "TheWonderHorse" is apparently a big fan of Beastcub's robotic unicorn:

Dude. This is so awesome that I don't know what to say.

The network responded by showing photos of her work, encouraging viewers to "visit her website, then stab out your eyes."

As Beastcub said, it is unclear "if the ending comment is trolling or a compliment."

Media Husky! Strike 1!

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On a grey filled Sunday afternoon, I went over to the [Adult Swim] website to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Little did I know of the perils that await me. The episode in question is 'Hoppy Bunny' where Carl (the fat guy in the vest) buys a Rock Recorder Kit off a shopping channel and then the fun begins, go watch the episode in full, NAO!!!

/EDIT/ Due to Adult Swim always updating their episodes of their shows, the link is now defunct. If i can find the clip on Youtube, I shall link it to here, so watch this space! —noodleshusky