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Video: Beastcub's robot unicorn on Adult Swim

Edited as of Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 22:32
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Beastcub's robot horse

Adult Swim viewer "TheWonderHorse" is apparently a big fan of Beastcub's robotic unicorn:

Dude. This is so awesome that I don't know what to say.

The network responded by showing photos of her work, encouraging viewers to "visit her website, then stab out your eyes."

As Beastcub said, it is unclear "if the ending comment is trolling or a compliment."

Beastcub's work was most recently seen at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010. No stabbings were reported, although a mini-marshmallow-fueled crossbow did threaten to take several convention members' eyes out before its ammunition was depleted and consumed.


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Clearly it's a Trolplementing.

Or is that Complerolling...

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Hmmm,It sounds like both. It's still cool that it appeared on adult swim^^

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I think it was trolling but still, A plug on [adult swim]? SWEET ^^

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It was a compliment, but then [as] was all, "Oh, we've got to act all tough and mean to someone that's part of an easily-trolled and often-persecuted subculture!"

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