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FC2003: Furry Variety Show - Call for Acts!

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Alrighty, with Further Confusion 2003 just about a month away, it's that
time of the year again! FC will once again be hosting a variety show. This
is the general call for all persons that wish to participate to step up to
the plate and submit an act. Acts should be roughly 2-3 minutes in length
(they can be longer but you'll have to talk to me about it). I would also
ask of course that the acts be considered "clean" in nature. As our rules
have stated for the past few years "no costume is still 'No costume"

Please submit your ideas for an act to

I also have some ideas for the FVS this year to help things move along
better and keep the entertainment value up. These changes will be detailed
once I can get a few bodies to work with. If you don't have an act, don't
worry! I will find room for you in the show. I imagine that for a lot of
the regular performers the FVS is becoming pretty standard fare.

That's where I'm asking the regulars from years past to do something
different with your acts this year. Whether it be as simple as being more
energized in your performance or coming up with an entirely different
routine, I want you to do it! Here's the fair warning part. I reserve the
right to not allow ANY act into the FVS if I do not feel it fits within
the guidelines of the show or if the act is just *that* bad.

I'll have more details to come as the schedule becomes finalized. Get
those acts to me and lets have the best FVS that FC has ever seen!

FVS director, FC2003


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