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CACE: Masquerade Details and Contest Reminders

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CACE brings its unique approach to the costuming world with the debut of our first masquerade! That's right ... CACE becomes a full service convention this year, as we add an event that a lot of people have been waiting for.We feel that costuming is a difficult and demanding art form, and that artistic growth and accomplishment are as much to be encouraged here as in writing and art. As such, you must either have designed or assembled your own costume. As well, we're using International Costumers Guild (ICG) rules to keep things quick, zippy, and entertaining ... all entries must be two minutes or less, and participants will be divided and judged in one of four categories ranging from Junior to Masters. There will also be a section at the end for photos, costume drawing, and Q and A. Masquerade registration forms and more detailed information, along with a complete set of rules, will be available at our website shortly.

While you're looking at our site, don't forget that there's only one more week until the early Bird Registration Draw and Con Book Cover Contest are over. To qualify as an early Bird, you need to send in your pre-registration and payment to us postmarked by March 15. And we'll need all prospective covers mailed to us (electronically or snail mail style) by March 15 as well. CACE will be held in Ottawa, Canada from June 4 to 6 this year. Thanks for your interest in our convention!

Jeff Novotny, CACE Business Director


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