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FC2002 Masquerade - Call for Entries!

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(To those who plan to participate in the Masquerade, please read to the
end of this message. It contains new information vital to helping your
performance work without a hitch.) [Ed: Click Read More... to see
the full announcement.]

Attention all furry costumers! Do you have a new costume that you're
dying to show off to the world? Then we've got just the place for you to
do it.

Further Confusion will continue the tradition of previous years
and plans to have a costume Masquerade and all students, be you fursuiters
and furry costumers, are invited to enter. This event will be made
complete only if you decide to enter. If you've got the perfect costume
to show off, or if you have the perfect performance in mind for your
costume, then this is your chance to show it to all the attendees, and
maybe win an award.

Don't be shy and don't hesitate. There is no minimum skill level
necessary to enter. If you don't have a performance in mind, you're
perfectly free to walk out on stage to model your costume to the audience
without a performance. Help make this the best Masquerade Further
Confusion has ever had.

Signup sheets will be available at the info desk and registration will
remain open until the rehearsal prior to the Masquerade.

To help plan the event as much as possible, the Masquerade staff would
like those who plan on participating in the Masquerade to send email to
. Please state that you are planning to
participate and give the approximate length of your performance. If you
are not sure how long your performance will be, please send email anyway
stating that you will participate. This advance notice is 'not'
necessary, but will help greatly. You may still register to participate
up until the Rehearsal prior to the Masquerade.

Also, if you plan to use music during your presentation, please have a
cassette or CD labeled clearly with your name and any cueing
information. If cassette, please have it cued properly and label which
side is to be played. If CD, please make sure that the CD will play in a
standard audio CD player. If you are burning a CD-R or CD-RW, please
burn it at the lowest speed possible (1x) in order to help assure that the
CD players at FC will play it properly. Please state in your email if
you'll be using CD-R or CD-RW format.

If you have any other equipment needs for your performance, (eg.
microphones, special lights), please send email and state what your
equipment needs are. The sooner we know about it, the greater the chance
it will be available for you.

If you will bring in any equipment that requires electricity or needs to
be plugged into the AV system, please notify us at the above email address
immediately so that we can make sure that it can be connected
properly. The sooner we know about it, the greater the chance it will be
available to you.

If you have any question about the rules, or if you have any special
concerns about your costume or planned presentation, please first check on
on the FC website located under
Or you can send email to

Thank you,

Christopher Bochna

FC2002 Masquerade


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