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Rainfurrest 2010 variety show - a call to act!

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Do you like being on stage? Do have a skit or a song you want to perform? Or perhaps a great fursuit you want everyone to see? Then sign up for the Rainfurrest Variety Show!

The Rainfurrest Variety Show is more than just a masquerade, it's a chance to really strut your stuff - even if you don't have a fursuit! One grand prize will be given to the best act, but there will be awards for all participating acts. So don't be shy - you get stuff!

We're now accepting acts for the show. All acts must follow a few basic rules:

1) It must be in some way furry or related to furry fandom.
2) It must be suitable for all ages. It need not be G-rated goodness, but we are trying for roughly a PG-13 equivalent, so watch the language and naughtiness levels, please.
3) It must be of reasonable length. 3 minutes is a good rule of thumb; about 5 minutes is the max.
4) Music and sound files are allowed, but we'd prefer you use audio CD, MP3, or unprotected WMA formats. Other sound file formats may or may not be readable by our technicians, so use them at your own risk.

If you'd like to pre-enter the Variety Show, please send an email to Xodiac ( with, at a minimum, the name and contact information (email at a minimum; a cell phone number also would be useful) of the person in charge of the act. Or you can sign up at the convention itself. Forms will be available at the registration desk and in the Fursuit Lounge.

The Variety Show Rehearsal is at 9 AM Saturday morning in the Main Theater (Washington Ballrooms). All performers in the Variety Show MUST attend the Rehearsal!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you all at Rainfurrest on September 24-26 - on stage!

Xodiac the Dragote
Rainfurrest 2010
Show Department Second


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