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New Furtopia Art Contest! Now open! :)

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Hello this is WhiteShepherd announcing a new Furtopia art contest. The contest is here. Any fur is welcome to participate in this contest. It’s a nice chance to have your artwork reviewed for comment and judging. You the artists will be able to show your work and explain to your public “what” makes this art special to you. Winners in the contest will get their work put up in lights with comments on a link off of Furtopia’s main page.

The rules:

* Post a link to your art contest entries here:;f=19;t=39
* Include a description on "what" this picture means to you.
* Posted art cannot be rated higher than PG.
* All entries must be related to furry.
* Each artist can have up to “2" entries.
* Any artwork posted MUST be your own.
* You may use the IMG button to post a thumbnail in your post. Please keep thumbnails no bigger than 200 pixels width.
* Furtopia staff may delete any entry they deem does not fit the guidelines or is disruptive.
* Staff may post pictures here to share their art. But they may not be included in the contest for obvious reasons. ;)

All entries will be judged on January the 18th 2002 by Furtopia staff. Votes will be counted and posted the evening of January 19th on Furtopia’s main page. Get posting and good luck! *Woof!*

Furtopia forum page:

Furtopia main page:



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