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Upcoming Furry Comics for March

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Doodles wrote in with the following: "For the past few years, I've been posting a list of upcoming comics that would be of furry interest on The list has been based off the Diamond Comics Previews catalog, which lists titles two months in advance of their ship date. Included in the listing is publisher, title, where in the catalog it's listed, listed price and order number from Diamond. In addition, I like to include one or two comments (not always favorable, to be honest) about most of the books. The idea being that if I can get a few more copies of a book sold, it can make the difference between sink or swim, especially for the more obscure titles out there. I'm attaching the list for this month so you can see a sample.

But a.f.f. has a limited reach. Usenet is becoming ever more marginalized and unobserved, and it would be good to have more than one place to post the list. What I'd like to propose is that future listings be submitted to Flayrah for publishing on the website, in hopes that a few more folks can see it and maybe a few more copies can be sold. Would this be possible?"

It certainly is possible! I do have to apologize for taking so long to get the listing up, however. Next month, I'll be more timely about it. New listings for the new year. Along with the books, Diamond has announced that Free Comic Day for 2003 will be Saturday, May 3rd. A good chance to introduce new readers to reading comics, furry or not.

pg 27
Usagi Yojimbo #65 - $2.99 - order #JAN030072
In this story of Usagi's early life, the rabbit faces off against a Tengu, the legendary mountain goblins reputed to be master swordsmen.

pg 87
Cartoon Cartoons #16 - $2.25 - order #JAN030253
This issue concentrates on the furry characters of the Cartoon Network's evening block, with Courage the Cowardly Dog, I.M. Weasel, and Cow & Chicken. You have been warned.

pg 88
Looney Tunes #100 - $2.25 - order #JAN030254
Bugs Bunny teaches his nephew Clyde the Acme ABC's. Care to guess who's under "L?" =};-3

Scooby-Doo #70 - $2.25 - order #JAN030256
The gang gets turned to stone, and here I am without a sledgehammer...

pg 90
Thundercats: The Return #2 - $2.95 - order #JAN030268
The dark future continues. Thundercats noir?

pg 91
Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #7 - $2.95 - order #JAN030271
There's lots of nice stuff in here, but what's extra special is Johnni Future, who has to save her feline friend Jermaal from the Emperor of the End. If you haven't been reading this series, WHY NOT?

pg 109
G.I. Joe Frontline - $2.95 - order #JAN031273
The Joes fight furries created by Cobra. Coming to a toy store near you. Yay.

pg 211
The Sandwalk Adventures TP - $20.00 - order #JAN031888
If you skipped getting the individual issues of this series by Jay Hosler because you wanted to get it all at once, you have no excuse. If you just haven't heard of this wonderful story about Charles Darwin and the discussions of natural selection he gets into with a follicle mite named Mara, now you have. And you still have no excuse.

pg 222
Gold Digger #41 - $3.50 - order #JAN031933
Pregnant Brittany is cornered by the Lich King, Dr. Diggers and Julia are trapped in limbo, and it looks like all is lost. HERE COMES THE VAULTRON FORCE! (And here comes Bandai's lawyers after them with a subpoena...)

Ninja High School #104 - $3.50 - order #JAN031934

pg 227
Turtle Soup #1 - $3.75 - order #JAN031965
Follow the adventures of Sam Turtle and the Backyard Raccoons in this new series by J.C. Klein.

pg 285
Alice in Sexland Extreme #2 - $3.50 - order #JAN032186
ADULTS ONLY Alice, Cheshire and Bunny venture into the land of the flower people and the bee people, where they learn all about pollination. And if you don't understand what that means in a Japanese hentai comic, I envy your innocence.

Amazing Colossal Felix the Cat - $2.50 - order #JAN032196

pg 298
Tea Club #4 - $2.99 - order #JAN032290
Mr. Bear gets to work training Haneko for the Ceremonial Battle, both striving so that the kitty can become the Ultimate Tea Warrior! (How else do you fight Liptons?)

pg 305
Hugo #1 - $3.50 - order #JAN032325
ADULTS ONLY Milton Knight's series about a beleaguered court jester returns after a long hiatus.

Boneyard Special Swimsuit Issue - $2.95 - order #JAN032327
Your favorite undead, in the skimpiest of garments.

pg 310
Furrlough #123 - $2.99 - order #JAN032364
Thor Thorvaldson's "Tales of Marga" returns, as does "Ebin and May," with other material by Diana Sprinkle, Eddie Perkins and Megan Giles.

Bureau of Mana Investigation #7 - $2.99 - order #JAN032366
Amark and Holly have made it back from the Demon Lands, but will they be in time to prevent the assassination?

New Horizons #15 - $4.99 - order #JAN032377
This issue is all about furry cons. I hereby make public notice that I do _not_ give permission to have my face in this publication, just in case...

Katmandu #29 - $4.99 - order #JAN032378
Liska is having trouble with her daughter inciting the warriors, a problem that would later be corrected by the invention of Pamprin.

Rare Breed #1 - $4.99 - order #JAN032379
ADULTS ONLY You may have seen a few posts here by Romus talking about the book, but at last it's been listed in the Diamond catalog. If you'll be going to Further Confusion and don't want to wait, Romus has said that the book will premiere there. This issue contains work by some of furry's finest spooge artists, Romus Z, Jeremy Bernal, Max Blackrabbit and someone named Dark Panther.

pg 318
Tokyo Mew Mew Volume #1 - $9.99 - order #JAN032420
An accident endows 11-year old Momomiya with the DNA of wildcats and some damned big ears. She fights naughtiness. It's "Sailor Moon" for furries...

Beach Safari GN - $9.95 - order #JAN032422
A male bunny is "stranded" with three beautiful young girls. Yet somehow, this doesn't end up with a letter to "Dear Penthouse..."

That's it for this month, gang! See you in 30!


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