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More downtime for Furnation

Edited by GreenReaper as of Sat 24 Mar 2012 - 15:35
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Contrary to an earlier rumor posted to several mailing lists, Furnation is not being shut down for good, but does have some downtime in its future. Here's the official word, as posted by Nexxus to

The rumors are false. FurNation is NOT going offline.

I am trying like hell to find a new apartment and move all the Internet lines as fast as I can. My choices are few and there is not much time left to find a new home.

I was trying to do the move without worrying anyone about it.

And, yes, the condo deal fell through. I would need a downpayment of 12,000 dollars to pull off the deal.

I will send more info as I find out where I am moving.


Further elucidation is provided by Wookiee, as posted to and fur.artwork.erotica:

FurNation is not going anywhere. Nexxus is moving to a new apartment and has full intentions of moving the lines over accordingly.

This will mean a down-time of around 6 weeks but he is not taking the system down permanently. He was trying to buy a Condo but had to drop the deal due to a lack of fundage for the down payment. It's too bad to because he just got a new full time job that seems to pay very well.

Wookiee (who has been on and off the phone with Nexxus the past few days talking about this issue)

Hopefully this will head off some of the rumors that are circulating.


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Whew. I thought it was down due to Northpoint shutting down it's SDSL lines.

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If that was the case, it would have gone down last week, like did.

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So that's why I haven't been able to get to Cornwuff...


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Just blame this panther for cornwuff.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I blame Northpoint's bad business model.

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Interestingly enough, 16 days after the final demise of my DSL connection I am back in business. Many kudos to Megapath for facilitating this transition. It was not painless, and I was in the dark part of the time, but overall they got the work done as fast as they could. After the line was reinstalled Friday I found they had a short on the line which I suspect was due to a bad punch in my phone closet. They got it fixed in about four hours. I give them a lot of respect for that sort of response time, especially considering that their Rhythms Netconnections techs have been swamped trying to migrate all the other poor souls who, like me, were on Northpoint and abandoned.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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