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The Polar Den announces Monday Night Movies

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In an effort to stitch together the various factions of San Diego Area fandom, The Polar Den (Darrel L. Exline and Kristine Bauer's home in Lemon Grove, California) will be hosting Monday Night Movies starting Monday, February 3, 2003. The "Theatre" at the Polar Den has an 84-inch parabolic Screen, a ceiling-mounted projector, three rows of seating, and an honor-fridge stocked with sodas for 50 cents each (or 3 for a dollar).

from MelSkunk: Click 'Read More' for the rest. Sounds like fun!

Why do this?

Because San Diego has a lot of fen. They just don't go to the same events very often, which makes it hard to build a camaraderie among them.

San Diego has at least two College Clubs (Darkstar and S.T.A.R. San Diego), Literary Science Fiction Fen, Ren-faire groups, SCA'dians, Not one, but FOUR convention committees (Conjecture, Con-Dor, Comic-Con International, and the WesterCon Bid Commitee for S.D. in 2006), and of course, we have furries, most of which think that they have to go up to Los Angeles or Santa Ana to meet with the nearest furs.

Monday Night Movies at the Polar Den is being advertised to each of these fandoms, creating a central place for people to go and chat, game, have meetings, and of course, watch movies.

To see maps and directions to the Polar Den and an events schedule, visit for more information.

This week's movies will be "Cats Don't Dance" and "Iron Giant", starting at 7pm and 9pm respectively.

--Darrel L. Exline



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This sounds like a blast!

There's just... one problem... I don't live in California! I hate my circumstances...

Tlaren }:=8}

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