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"Strange Animals" 'Zine Calls For Submissions

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Off of, Tom Turritin has announced the he is accepting new submissions to his fanzine, Strange Animals. Visit the website, or click below for the submission guidelines.

Most furry artwork falls into one of three styles:

  1. Realism, where we try to make the character look real.
  2. Cartoony, where we try to depict the creature in the Western
    "funny-animal" satirical tradition.
  3. Anime, where we try to depict the creature in the Eastern
    manga tradition.

Strange Animals is a black-and-white digest-sized zine for art
which tries NOT to fall squarely into these traditions. It is a
zine for artists experimenting with the artform itself,
challenging their own styles or those of others, using
anthropomorphic artwork. Call it experimental, unusual,
maverick, non-traditional, abstract... it's for artistic
creativity outside of the styles that the majority of furry
artwork encompasses.

Of course, there's a lot of "grey area" in defining the above.
One guideline for submissions is that the anthropomorphic nature
of the drawing must be clearly discernable, i.e., nothing beyond
the point of unrecognizability. The rating will be mature PG-13.
Tasteful nudity is permitted; no work with sexually gratuitous
content, or the suggestion thereof. Works with quality and/or
creative thinking will have an advantage. There are tons of
possibilities! Experiments with geometric shapes, kinds of
lines, perspective views, or styles like art-deco. Bizarre
settings, like Magritte, Dali, or Mike Kazaleh's weird toon
worlds, Escher tilings. The list could go on and on.



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