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New guests at ConFurence 2003: The Furry West

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We just got permission to announce: Joining us at ConFurence 2003 will be CHARLES ZEMBILLAS.
Charles is the founder of The Animation Academy, a school for aspiring animators and cartoonists in Burbank. Previously, Mr. Z worked as a game designer for Sony -- where he designed the characters of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Jak & Daxter.

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We also still have the SURPRISE GUEST we announced two weeks ago, whose name we can't mention for legal reasons. This person will definitely be at ConFurence, though... He (or she) is a director of one of this years Ursa Major Award nominated movies... Oooh, I wish I could say who it was!

Then there's FLOYD NORMAN. Floyd Norman has had an amazing life in animation. He's done children's books, animated shorts, comic strips, and he's been a story guy for Disney, Hanna Barbera, AND Pixar! Floyd says that if he can fit it in his busy schedule, he'll drop by CF 2003 and meet the fans.

And we also have KEVIN MICHAEL RICHARDSON, who has had quite a busy year. This versatile voice actor has starred as Captain Gantu in "Lilo & Stitch", Henry the bear in "The Country Bears", and the shaman in "The Wild Thornberrys Movie". Come and meet him at ConFurence!

PAUL KIDD is still trying to raise enough money to pay for airfare to ConFurence 2003, all the way from Australia. We have a small cache of sponsor funds waiting for him if he can make it, but if it isn't enough, Paul won't be able to afford the trip, and those monies will be diverted back to the general fund. If you want to Sponsor ConFurence and earmark your sponsor funds for Paul Kidd, you have to do so before March 1st. I'm sure hoping Paul can make it out here.

ConFurence 2003: The Furry West takes place April 25 to 27, 2003 at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center in Burbank, California. Pre-registration memberships purchased before March 1, 2003 are $40 and at-the door memberships will be $50 per person. One-day memberships on Saturday and Sunday will be available at the door only for $30 per person, per day. Sponsorships are $25 or more in addition to your membership, and can be earmarked to go toward helping particular guests attend the convention.

Visit us online at http://ConFurence.Net/cf2003 for more information.


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