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How would you like your Leopard served? Rare, Medium or Well Done??

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The taste for different meats is sometimes a product of different cultures. The consuming of a certain animal will give you certain powers. This is a product of living and being brought up a certain why. I bring this up as while turning on CNN on TV I caught a partial story about the consuming of Leopard meat. I have heard of people eating both Lion and Cougar meat in the past so I did a web search on on this story to find out the whole story.Now this is a simple story about tribesmen killing and consuming a leopard. But when looking into the abundant amount of similar stories about others doing this same thing I was a bit shocked to see how much this goes on around the world. I believe many people expect to hear of such things in the Asian countries. But it looks like we should clean up ourselves first in this story about what has happened in Illinois.

Now how wide spread it this event? Though I suspect some of these stories double up and there are some miscellaneous stories it seems this happens quite often.


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In general, if the eating of what we westerners consider to be not food meat is because its what's available, I don't see anything wrong with it. Even endangered animals such as tigers so nothing goes to waste, I mean consider how many animals are killed for one piece of their body that's supposed to have special properties. Use the whole animal if you're going to kill it, don't waste natures gifts, but when it comes to 'prey,' meat's meat.

straw foxtaur
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'Welcome to the cannibal cafe, how may we serve you?'

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I've been to a couple of "Beast Feasts" by local fish and game clubs in the past, and been confronted with such delicacies as roast cougar and bear meatballs. I've never indulged, myself, since I always worry about eating anything whose relatives might believe in poetic justice.
"Hey, he smells like Frank!" "Oh, my god, he ate Frank! GET HIM!!!"

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"D'you eat lions? D'yer like steak an' chips wiv lions?"

"Not with lions, Andrew, no."

--Creature Comforts

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Actually Cougar is VERY Good eating!

Bear meat SUCKS! with a Capital S!

I'll never shoot another bear, but Cougar is GOOD EATS!

A safety tip, ALWAYS! thoroughly cook wild game meat to kill any parasites in it.

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*nods*.. I concur with the other posters that it's a lot more morally acceptable, in my book, to kill an animal if you're going to eat it and use the parts of its body you need, and not just mount its head on your wall, or cut off its fin and leave it (like they do to poor sharks).. but still, somehow I have a personal distaste for eating predators - and I've noticed, even among other omnivores like myself, the same feeling. Is it that we don't want to eat something that could eat us?.. not for me.. I just feel.. I dunno.. like it's wrong somehow. Like they're more intelligent and cunning, and 'like humans' somehow (they are, in fact..) - and thus it's less acceptable.

Plus, cats are.. well, my favorite kinds of animals.. and I'd hate to eat them, I'd never be able to look at them the same way again.

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Hmmm, I look at it this way, yes I'm an omnivore, which means I eat meat and therefore am a predator. May the biggest predator win... no cheating or abuse allowed though.

straw foxtaur
amateur writer
'Welcome to the cannibal cafe, how may we serve you?'

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I think that eating predators just wouldn't feel right. Almost cannibalistic. Besides, the higher you go up the food chain, the more dioxins are in the animal. Humans probably have higher dioxin levels than anything then. And I just couldn't eat another feline.

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