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Go Daddy CEO elephant hunting video sparks controversy

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Time blogger Bryan Walsh gives his account and opinions on a recent video released by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons. The video was taken from Zimbabwe, where Parsons had shot and killed an elephant while handing out GoDaddy swag to local residents.

While Bob Parsons defended his actions, stating that the elephant was a menace to the locals and ruined crops, animal rights groups have called the actions deplorable. PETA responded to the action by handing out their first ever "Scummiest CEO of the year" award, claiming that there are "many humane ways to keep elephants away from crops."

In response to the controversy, Go Daddy rival Namecheap are offering to donate a dollar to Save the Elephants for every new subscriber they receive who transfer from GoDaddy.

The video is available at Bryan Walsh's blog. It was not embedded in the story as it is hosted on Go Daddy's, the use of which could be seen as inappropriate by those protesting Bob Parsons' actions.


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It should also be added that for a limited time NameCheap is also offering a special using the code "ByeByeGD" for $4.99 domain name transfers through 11:59pm EST on 4/1/11.

+ Banrai

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Erm... can anybody say "Poor taste"?

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Well, this is GoDaddy. From what I've seen of their TV ads, they probably can't, actually.

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Go Daddy is going at it again, this time they are behind the oppressive SOPA act which was created by media companies who distributed pirating software and taught children to use it and that it was okay to do so that they could later press congress on this bill.

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