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Rio named UK's Dog of the Year for giving owner will to live

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Weighing less than 70 pounds, anorexic Michelle Smart was given just 3 months to live when her parents made her a deal: start trying to gain weight, and we'll let you have the dog of your dreams.
The beautiful Siberian Huskey became Dog of the Year after her playful spirit drove Michelle to get better and get out to play with her dog, a big change from in the hospital and not caring that she was going to die. When her owner suffered a setback, Rio also stopped eating, bringing home the pain her family had been going through to Michelle. One of the judges, Anthea Turner said, "What was incredible about the winner was it saved her owner's life. This is an ongoing relationship and every day he helps to save her life because anybody who has been through anorexia doesn't just get well. It's no different from any addiction."The £1,000 prize money will be used to take them both on a trip, and to get another huskey.



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