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Just 1 week until ConFurence

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Last minute reminder:

ConFurence 2003: The Furry West will be April 25-27 at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center, in Burbank, California. This marks our FIFTEENTH annual anthropomorphic convention and exhibition in Southern California, which is quite a milestone.

The hotel has promised to keep our room reservation block open all the way up to the days of the convention, and our room rates are locked in. Standard hotel rooms are $102 per night and Jr. Suites are $135 per night, for up to two guests in the room. 3rd and 4th guests pay an additional $20 each per night.

The Hilton Burbank Airport is a pet-friendly hotel. Contact them directly for their specific policies so you might not have to leave your pets at home.

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Our party rooms are filling up, and we've had to expand to two floors to accomodate. Contact our Party Maven, Alan Lutton if you wish to have your room on either of the party floors at the hotel, even if you are not holding a party yourself. We need people staying on the party floors who won't complain about hallway noise during the night, so that the parties can operate with their doors open.

Registration at the convention opens at 11am on Friday, and events begin at Noon. The Ursa Major Awards will be presented in the afternoon. We will have a large "Meet the Guests" panel with all seven Guests of Honor followed by the Ice Cream Saloon and Charity Casino (A free Social for badged members only) which starts at 7pm. We will then have a Filk Concert and Contest, hosted by our Guest of Honor Leslie Fish, followed by D.J. Hatch spinning the discs late into the night.

Regsitration will stay open until 9pm on Friday for people who arrive late and don't want to miss evening programming.

Saturday will see the "Quick Draw at High Noon" on stage in the Dealer's Room, The Fursuit Parade, four separate tracks of programming in break-out rooms (including a live animal presentation), The Fursuit Dance at 8pm, and the return of the Cabaret Fur le Dance at 9pm (an adults only variety show that requires a $10 donation at the door).

Final bidding in the Artshow is at 8pm on Saturday.

Then there's Sunday... but I'm running out of time to post this message. Event programming, including the Art Auction at 12 Noon, continues until 5pm on Sunday, when the Dealer's Room closes.

Discount airfare on Southwest Airlines is available with just 5 days advance purchase, so act now! Visit our website to find out how to get 10% off Southwest's already low rates.

Membership at the door will be $50 for the whole weekend. We also have children's rates (age 6-14) and special Kid in Tow badges for those fans age 5 and under.

Visit us online at for more information.


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