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Now, man saves dog!

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In another doggy story, a tale of a man, his pit bull, and his reckless behavior to save his pet from a fire has captured the hearts and support of thousands of newspaper readers. Jarrod Martin was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment when he broke open a window in his burning house to save his dog on the other side when told repeatedly to keep away. The police and fire department defended their actions saying the entry could have caused a back draft or other problems, in spite of the fact no fire fighters were in the building at the time.
This is especially hitting the people of Tennessee hard in the heart as it follows up less than a year after a mixed breed puppy was shot by police in an amazing comedy of errors. The story, just a local event, has been picked up by national and international media, and people are offering everything from emotional to legal support to the accused. After all, anyone who's ever had a pet can relate.


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