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Big Cat Ranch Found "Completely Disgusting"

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John Weinhart, owner of the nonprofit organization Tiger Rescue, was arrested Tuesday along with three others on charges of improper care and cruelty to animals.

Officials who raided the big cat "retirement home" were horrified to find some 30 dead tigers around the property, as well as young cubs living in the home's attic.


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The Tiger Rescue homepage makes for an interesting and suspicious read as well. When there's more photos of your giftshop than your animals, you gotta wonder about a place. Unfortunatly, stories like this make it harder for real big cat sanctuaries like Tiger Haven to run.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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There's more information on CNN. This makes me disgusted. There's excellent groups out there like Tiger Touch that will be hurt by this bad publicity.

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Another horror story is what happened to The Last Hope Preserve, a big cat sanctuary in Michigan, when they had to place several of their cats in the care of another facility while remodeling their own. Story here. Clearly, there are good sanctuaries for these animals, and there are bad.

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That is one of the most reprehensible stories I've ever read. It is truly unfortunate that the loss of such animals is valued at a mere $1,000 and the revoking of a license.

I think if such a thing had happened to me there would be more carcasses to be found when I left than when I arrived - and they wouldn't be cats.

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