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Upcoming Furry Comics for July Addendum

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From Treesong, an addition to the Upcoming Furry Comics for July listing: "But wait, that's not all! Here are more, all 24-page $2.95 black-and-white floppies unless described otherwise. (Incidentally, Dungeon #7 is from NBM.)"
pg 249
Kitsune Tales #1 - 48pg - $4.95 - order #MAY031918E
By Woodrow Phoenix & Andi Watson. Kitsune, the fox spirit from Watson's *Skeleton Key*, travels through ancient Japan.

pg 250
My Monkey's Name Is Jennifer v. 1 tp - sc, 160pg - $15.95 - order
'By Ken Knudtsen. Collecting the first six issues of the amazing and bizarre story of a little girl and her monkey, who is crazy. There are ninjas! Evil Doctors! Pirates! Lesbians! Plus 2 1/2 new stories! Nice things said by Klaus Janson and Walter Simonson.'

pg 259
Ninja High School #108 - 32pg - $3.50 - order #MAY031973E
By Katie Bair. Nothing much furry this installment but it qualifies in general.

pg 265
Sonic the Hedgehog #126 - color, 32pg - $2.19 - order #MAY032014E
One of the two stories: '"Better Read than Dead": Sonic and The Editor face the evil of... Deadline! Can they get the issue done on time before Sonic is erased from existence?'

pg 266
Sonic the Hedgehog: Beginnings tp - color, sc, 96pg, - $10.95 - order
By Michael Gallagher, Scott Shaw & Dave Manak. Reprints Sonic #0-#3.

pg 344
I Love You #7 - 32pg - order#MAY032304F
ADULTS ONLY. By Lei Nekojima. 'Join pretty kitty Alicia on her
misadventures with muscled bunny men and a wicked, naughty sorceress as she tries to rescue a cursed prince. However, the sorceress has other ideas on how Alicia should spend her days as a devoted love slave! Can
Alicia escape and save the prince?' Apparently a different story line each issue. #1 was also furry; see Doodles' Oct 2002 list.

And moving beyond the comic section:

pg 512
Killer Bunnies: Violet Booster Expansion - $12 - order #MAY033532E
'Killer Bunnies are back again and sporting new Specialty Bunnies, which make taking double turns a snap! The Violet Booster Deck adds another 55 cards to your existing set, plus a clear twelve-sided die.'


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