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Upcoming furry comics for November 2010 (Previews only)

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Now that the Warner Brothers comics aren't being done by huge committees, the practice has moved to the Arch* companies. For better or worse, I can't say. Also there's a huge selection of non-pamphlet items this month, including three huge pricey bargains from Fantagraphics that I'd go for if I didn't have everything already. If you rely mainly on a standard pull list at your comic shop, you need to read this month's selections.

SEP100106 Usagi Yojimbo #132 24pg, b&w $3.50
SEP100107 Usagi Yojimbo #133 24pg, b&w $3.50
by Usagi Yojimbo
'A group of drought-stricken farmers commission an enormous taiko drum to show their devotion to the gods, and pray for rain. But the bloodthirsty Red Scorpion Gang threatens to destroy the drum unless the farmers pay up, so the farmers must turn to rabbit ronin Usagi to protect the drum, lest they face starvation from drought!' And 'Special double-issue story line makes a great introduction to Usagi Yojimbo for new readers!'

PAGE 107
SEP100276 Looney Tunes #192 32pg, color $2.99
by Bill Matheny and David Santano, making lots of noise so you think there are more of them
'Wile E. Coyote turns to classic literature in his quest to capture Road Runner!'

SEP100277 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #3 32pg, color $2.99
by Scott Gross in all his lonely splendor
A Pittsburgh ghost haunts Cleveland sports radio.

PAGE 159
SEP100409 King Aroo vol. 2 hc, 360pg, color, 9.5"x7.5" $39.99
by Jack Kent
This comic strip ran 1950-65; the 1953-4 run is resurrected here. I missed the solicitation for vol. 1 but it shouldn't be hard to get. I have the 1952 collection, which was quite enjoyable, if not up with the greats; I don't know that I'd find this collection worth $40. It's mildly furry, the human King Aroo and advisor Yupyop mixing with Mr. Elephant, the kangaroo mailman Mr. Pennipost, and others. See .

PAGES 175, 179
SEP100441 The Mice Templar Sketchbook II
by Victor Santos and Bryan J.L. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming 32pg, color $2.99
'Stunning, never-before-seen artwork by series artist VICTOR SANTOS. . . . Featuring an ALL-NEW Mice Templar short story that links Volume 2 to next month's debut of Volume 3.'

SEP100455 Elephantmen vol. 1: Wounded Animals, revised & expanded tp 312pg, color $19.99
by a zooful of people
'[N]ow includes the sold out ZERO issue with art by LADRÖNN, as well as an all-new sketchbook section, and the ENGLISH & MEDIA STUDIES backmatter from the single issues! Collects ELEPHANTMEN #0-7' Volumes 2-3 are offered again.

PAGE 216
SEP100744 Elmer sc, 144pg, b&w $12.95
by Gerry Alanguilan
'Elmer opens a window into a world where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, where they can now consider themselves a race no different than browns, black, or whites. Recognizing themselves to be sentient, the inexplicably evolved chickens push to attain rights for themselves as the newest members of the human race. MATURE THEMES'

PAGE 218
SEP100755 Gold Digger #123 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
Ancient Gina hands the Infinity Engine over to Dreadwing.

SEP100757 Chip: Second Crack #2 (of 3) 32pg, color $3.99
by Richard Moore
The Jersey Devil now.

PAGE 220
SEP100768 Scratch 9 #4 (of 4) 24pg, color $3.95
by Rob M. Worley and Jason T. Kruse
Scratch 'uses his powers to summon IX, his weirdest aspect yet!'

PAGES 222, 223
SEP100777 Fraggle Rock #2.1 (of 3) 22pg, color $3.95
by 9 people, counting covers
It's about fraggles.

SEP100781 Mouse Guard: the Black Axe #2 (of 6) 24pg, color $3.50
by David Petersen
Celanawe accompanies Em to Port Sumac for a sea voyage beyond any map.

PAGE 224
SEP10079 3 Sonic Universe #219 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn and five artists
A shocking twist and a look at the next Sonic game.

SEP100794 Sonic Universe #22 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn and not all the same five artists
Team Rose, Team Dark, and Team Hooligan face off triangularly.

PAGE 239
SEP100861 S.E. Hinton's The Puppy Sister sc, 144pg, color $9.99
by S.E. Hinton and Ramon Salas
'S.E. Hinton was, and still is, one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction... and now she comes to graphic novels in this touching family story. Nick and his parents get more than they bargained for when their newly adopted puppy, Aleasha, decides she'll have more fun with her new "family" if she becomes human, too. So begins a laugh-out-loud adventure told from Aleasha's point of view, about her transformation from puppy to girl.'

PAGES 246-248
SEP100905 The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion hc, 6.6"x10.2", 208pg, color $24.99
by Don Rosa
'Volume 1' of this was solicited two months ago, 128 pages for $24.99. Now it's 'all in only one volume!' for the same price. This is more like it.

SEP100910 The Muppet Show #12 32pg, color $2.99
by Roger Langridge
'The holidays are coming, but we're not taking a break. So you know what that means... Eisner Award-nominated Roger Langridge will never see his family again. See Roger live vicariously through the Muppet characters as they begin to exchange gifts with family and friends. Enjoy each and every tear-soaked page in this unforgettable holiday issue!' Recommended nevertheless.

Not to mention Cars: The Adventures of Tow Mater #5, Cars: The Adventures of Tow Mater #1 Get-a-Sketch Cover Edition, Darkwing Duck #6, Darkwing Duck vol. 1 sc, Donald Duck and Friends #360, Donald Duck and Friends: Double Duck vol. 3 sc, The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion hc, Mickey Mouse & Friends #302, Mickey Mouse on Quandomai Island sc, Muppet Sherlock Holmes #4 of 4, Toy Story: Tales from the Toy Chest #5, Uncle Scrooge #397, and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #713.

PAGE 252
SEP100918 xkcd vol. 0 sc, 8.9"x8"5, 120pg, 2-color $18.00
by Randall Munroe
'A collection selected from the first 600 comics of the immensely popular webcomic, including various author and fan-favorites, lovingly assembled from high-resolution original scans of the comics (the mouseover text is discreetly included), and featuring lots of doodles, notes, and puzzles in the margins! MATURE THEMES' This is not even remotely furry. I don't care. Highly recommended.

PAGES 278, 279
SEP101020 Usagi Yojimbo: the Special Edition hc, 7"x10.25", 2 vol. slipcased, 1200pg $100.00
by Stan Sakai
'In honor of his 25th anniversary, Fantagraphics is releasing a deluxe slipcase set collecting the first seven volumes of Usagi Yojimbo. With over 1000 pages of story, this is the complete, definitive, early Usagi. This special edition will also be brimming with extra material, including a complete full-color gallery of the more than 50 Usagi covers; preparatory sketches, including Stan Sakai's original first draft; two Usagi stories co-starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and a feature-length, career-spanning interview with Sakai.'

SEP101022 Castle Waiting vol. 2 hc, 5.75"x8", 384pg $29.99
by Linda Medley
'With its long-awaited second volume, Linda Medley's witty and sublimely drawn fantasy eases into a relaxed comedy of manners as Lady Jain settles into her new life. Catch up with the castle's old and new friends; Rackham, Chess, Pindar, Simon and the enigmatic Dr. Fell as they discover and explore secret passageways, unexpected visitors, epic bowling tournaments, an escape prone goat and much more magical all ages fun!' Given the fairy-tale milieu, there's a good bit of furry mixed in with the humans, notably Rackham and Chess. I presume this collects issues 1-15 of volume 2. Recommended.

SEP101023 Krazy and Ignatz: The Sketchbook Strips--1910-1913 hc, 12"x18", 160pg, color $75.00
by George Herriman
'As comic strip scholars we [sic] know, George Herriman's Krazy Kat strip debuted as a supplemental strip running beneath the Family Upstairs. What scholars are not aware of, [sic] is that as part of his process, Herriman would draw a complete, essentially finished version of each supplemental Krazy Kat in a sketchbook before carefully redrawing it for print. Thus [sic] meaning there exist "original" versions of hundred upon hundreds of Krazy Kat Strips that have never been published anywhere... until now. This perfect facsimile edition will include a supplemental booklet containing an essay on Herriman and a large sampling of the final, published strips, allowing readers to compare and contrast with the original sketchbook versions!'

I don't usually mention offered-again items, but these are worth a couple of lines: Castle Waiting vol. 1; The Kat Who Walked in Beauty by George Herriman; and the best graphic novel of the year, Jim Woodring's Weathercraft.

PAGE 300
SEP101106 BUREAU OF MANA INVESTIGATION vol. 1 sc, 130pg, b&w $15.99
by Christina "Smudge" Hanson and Ed Garcia
'In the magical realm of Nivarria, the local police have formed a special division to deal with the rise in magic-related crime: the Bureau of Mana Investigation. After a failed demon raid, Lt. Amark's day went from bad to worse when his girlfriend Holly walked out on him. Now, Amark is trying to find a way to reconcile with her, not realizing that she has been possessed by the very demon he hunts!' Reprints issues 1-4. Recommended.
SC, 130pgs, B&W SRP: $15.99

PAGE 306
SEP101131 Sgt. Frog vol. 20 sc, 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $10.99
by Mine Yoshizaki
'Forget a land invasion, the new strategy is to conquer the seas! But wait--that's not Sgt. Keroro and his gang threatening fishing boats and kidnapping Natsumi while the kids are on a beach vacation! Just who are these strange new Keronians, and why are they stationed at the bottom of the ocean? And what are their plans for the Earth?!'

PAGE 328
SEP101252 Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman HC, 9"x12", 176pg, color $29.95
edited by Craig Yoe
'Krazy Kat & the Art of George Herriman pays tribute to one of the most influential and innovative comic strips and creators of all time. This unique collection of rare art, essays, memorabilia, and biography highlights the career of the first genius of comics, George Herriman, and his iconic creations, Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse. This book includes original essays by Jay Cantor, Douglas Wolk, Harry Katz, Richard Thompson, Dee Cox (Herriman's granddaughter), Craig McCracken, Bill Watterson, and authorized reprints of two seminal essays on Herriman by Gilbert Seldes and e. e. cummings.' Published by Abrams ComicArts.

PAGE 331
SEP101273 The Stink of Love: Pepé Le Pew's Guide to l'Amour hc, 5.5"x5.5", 160pg, color $9.95
by Pepé Le Pew and Sally Deems-Mogyordy
'Learn from the master of l'amour! Monsieur Pepé Le Pew tells you how to charm a belle femme with helpful chapters such as "Grooming," "The Chase," and "Couplehood." Let Pepé tell you how to put your best paw forward on the path to love, how to anticipate your potential mate's needs and desires, how to woo and romance her, and--most importantly--how to hold on to her!'


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