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Furtopia Community Forums application now open! :)

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Furtopia Community Forums is now open to the furry public. Goal: To help get furs together. :)

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Furtopia ( is a community of furs helping furs. Furtopia Community Forums was created to give furs a home to create their own furry communities/message boards in a place that brings furs together as a community.

Furs may create there own message groups as long as it’s a community based site. A fur from Idaho could create a group called "Furry Idaho" as a gathering point for other furs in his/her area to socialize/discuss issues relevant to Idaho Furs. The creator would get the domain name: and become administrator of his/her group. Note: No copyrighted group/name will be accepted. Example: Dayton Furs, and Ohio Furs are already active and taken groups. An abandoned group my be restarted on Furtopia provided you have rights to do so.

Any fur may run and create a community forum. But all forum owners will be responsible for maintaining their forums and making sure they comply with Furtopia rules at all times. For those furs interested you may apply for a Community Group Forum (like above) with DNS name here

A list of all Furtopia Community Groups will be available here

Artists into art, music, or writing may also apply for an “Artist Forum”. Unlike yahoo it’s spam free and furry based/friendly. :) You also get a DNS name to easily link your message board to your web page. The application for an “Artist Forum” is here.

All Furtopia forums can be found from:

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact WhiteShepherd



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