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Steve Irwin's secret!

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Steve Irwin, known as The Crocodile Hunter, has a deep secret: his wild showmanship is a front for his intelligence and deep commitment to species conservation.


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Steve Irwin is indeed ALWAYS thinking about animals. Even his rather 'hands on' approach to handling venemous snakes, crocodiles and other animals actually shows his immence concern for their wellbeing. I suspect he'd rather be invenomated by a snake than risk killing one from accedental crushing from handling tongs. He's always improving and innovating ways to deal with animals to reduce stress.
I have an immence respect for him and I have entered the contest currently on Animal Planet to try and get a phonecall from him. I think having the ear of one of the few people who really, truely put animals first in everything they do would be a pure honour.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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None of you would be saying this stuff if you saw his "Outlaws of the Outback" episode where he:
picked up a rat by its the tip of its tail, dropped it then chased it with a net, etc
cramed probably 50+ mice into a paintcan and sealed it , and was trapping other animals, rabbits and cats too.

And its not like he was relocating these animals, he was giving them to a research center to figure out better ways to kill them.

I was completely shocked, never watched the show again after that.

I E-Mailed the Discovery channel right after it aired, and never got a reply.

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Uh, maybe you missed the whole point of that
episode, and that was that rabbits, cats and
mice are pretty much wiping out the animals
that live there in his homeland. Maybe you
missed the barn that had over 10,000 mice
running wild in it, in the grain bins, nipping
at the horses, and everything.

He even went on record as saying that he
hates to have to help in the thining out of
those animals, but in a nutshell, if they aren't
then beloved animals, like the Bushbabys
and such, will be wiped out.

And sorry, but when mice are as bad as they
are over there in areas, same with rabbits
and without enough preds to deal with them
you don't "relocate" them. You kill them,
because right now, you can't stop them from
breeding to deadly highs.

Don't go and try to spread lies about someone
who loves animals to death and has put a lot
of the money he has made from such things
as his toys, the movie and like, back towards
saving animals.

And FYI, he noted that the cats aren't as bad
as the mice and rabbits, due to a lower birth
rate, and the fact they eat most of the animals
that cause trouble. He does "relocate" them.

You don't like it? Well dabble in some biotech
and find a good, cheap, easy way to shut down
the breeding cycles of the rabbits and mice that
are killing off races of animals you don't find
anywhere else.


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Before you shoot off your mouth, check out
what's going on over there. Or talk to someone
who's been doing what Steve's done most
of his life and knows how bad mice, rabbits
and cats can get in a area where they are allowed to run free.

Had I known about Steve years ago, I would have maybe a chance to work with one of the
world's best in his field. Sure he's got a bit of
the old P.T. Bartum thing in him, but if a little
showmanship, mixed in with a carefull handling
of every animal he deals with, gives him
funds so he can save land and animals that
my kids will see one day, more power to him
and Discovery for supporting him.

Crocs Rule indeed.

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all i was saying is

his handling of animals that iseen was completely disrespectful , and my opinion of him at that point was "***** him"

just because an animal is a pest, doesnt mean it has to be abused before you kill it
or ship it off to some fuckin lab somewhere

i never liked the show to begin with, but i hated it after that,
since it clogs up the timeslots on half the ***** stations now anyway

(not that tv is even worth watching at all anymore, it rots your brain)

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