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Baidu India promotes World Environment Day with 'The Last Conversation'

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World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. It is on Sunday, June 5 in 2016. This year’s theme is: “fight against the illegal trade in wildlife”, with the slogan "Go Wild for Life”, and some search engines are getting on board:

#TheLastConversation, featuring Foxy and DU bear Baidu’s India office will launch a new social campaign named “The Last Conversation” to raise awareness of wildlife depletion. The campaign will feature Baidu’s mascot, the “DU bear”, having a final conversation with different endangered animals through a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter, with the goal of urging people to avoid products that cause harm to wildlife. (Baidu India’s 31 May press release)

Baidu's campaign, which started June 1st on Facebook and Twitter, shows the ultra-cute DU bear interviewing critically-endangered species living in India, such as the Himalayan brown bear, as well as other popular species of lesser concern, such as the Bengal fox.

Tsunami victim saved by a crocodile!!

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It doesn't seem in their nature, but this crocodile played a vital role in the survival of a victim caught in the recent, devastating tsunami.

Steve Irwin's secret!

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Steve Irwin, known as The Crocodile Hunter, has a deep secret: his wild showmanship is a front for his intelligence and deep commitment to species conservation.

Man bites crocodile

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You know what they say. "Dog bites man, that's just gossip, but man bites dog is NEWS!". Well, I can only imagine man bites croc is even better. Mac Bosco Chawinga was swimming in a lake in northern Malawi when the crocodile attacked him. Fighting back, with his arms pinned, he decided to chomp on the beast's snout, which caused the surprised croc to retreat.

Crikey! More of the Blunder from Down Under

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Fitting in oddly well with my other article, the Crocodile Hunter series is about to be released upon American theaters within a few weeks. You can find out more here --

Maybe this movie will be good. Maybe this won't be another 'look at the weird Aussies' flick a la Crocodile Dundee (which did have its moments). But after reading the website and checking the promos, a part of me dreads that this flick is going to make Scooby Doo look like 'The Ten Commandments'.

PS -- Those who loved the 'Doo will coubtless be thrilled to know that the sequel is already in the works. Never rains but it pours.


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The Houston Chronicle printed an article today (which I can't seem to find on their website) about a recently discovered prehistoric crocodilian, dubbed SuperCroc. It lived 110 million years ago, could grow as much as 40 feet long, and it ate dinosaurs! There's a website about it here.

Crocs up north help town keep clean

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Mayor Reinhard Reynisson of Husavik, Iceland, is looking into finding ways to solve his town's waste problem. A small fishing community, Husavik has a lot of guts and scales left over from it's local industry. Now he mayor thinks crocodiles may be the best answer.
Geothermal water already used by the town would make a good home for the wayward reptiles, and the packing plants and fish farms would keep them fed and busy. The crocs would also be likely to attrack tourists to the northern community.
Read the full article here.

Threatened crocodiles and a panda baby boom

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In unrelated stories, BBC News online reports that thousands of crocodiles face starvation in Paraguay due to the diversion of a river, and that thirteen giant pandas have recently been artificially inseminated in China--since twins are common when pandas are artificially inseminated, officials hope as many as 20 baby pandas will soon be born.