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How do we feel about bronies?

Like them, like the show they like.
24% (18 votes)
Like them, hate the show they like.
4% (3 votes)
Don't care about them, like the show they like.
17% (13 votes)
Don't care about them, don't care about the show they like.
31% (23 votes)
Don't care about them, hate the show they like.
11% (8 votes)
Hate them, like the show they like.
4% (3 votes)
Hate them, hate the show they like.
9% (7 votes)
Votes: 75

Furry con surveyed on porn, fantasy, pets, politics & bronies

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International Anthropomorphic Research Project logoResults have been released from an Anthropomorphic Research Project survey of 455 furs taken at Furry Fiesta 2013.

  • 78% of females and 96% of males report viewing furry porn. Both groups underestimated both figures by 8-12%.
  • Increasing furriness indicated a tendency to use fantasy for various purposes, including escapism, but didn't indicate blurring of reality, or an inability to have fun, self-motivate, fulfil needs, socialize, or cope with problems without fantasy.
  • Female furs had less sexual roleplay, owned less pornography, viewed it less frequently, and felt it had less influence on their joining the fandom. They also saw pornography as more openly discussed within the fandom.
  • Furries overestimated the positivity of both male and female furs towards furry porn: males tended to be positive or mixed, while over 20% of females had a negative view. 51% of furs preferred porn over general furry artwork; 17% had the opposite view. ~55% saw non-furry pornography in a negative light; some males only view furry porn.
  • Non-brony furs rated bronies less positively (50) than furries (79) or non-furs (61).
  • Furries are very liberal on social matters, but more moderate on economic topics.
  • Therians anthropomorphise animals more than non-therian furs; those strongly identifying as furries gave human characteristics to both regular and stuffed animals.

Around half of those participating chose to join the group's three-year longitudinal study.

On [adjective][species]: JM revisits Dr. Gerbasi's original studyNuka responds

Upcoming furry comics for March 2013 (Previews and Marvel Previews)

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Previews runs a top 100 best selling monthly comics list; they’re obviously a bit behind, as this issue contains November’s. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 was ranked at 15, making it the most bought book not from DC or Marvel. So, way to go bronies!

Action Time!

What happens when well-known comic book artist Fred Perry gets sat down by his friend Robby Bevard for a marathon viewing of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more? This: Action Time Buddies.  “What time is it, bronies? It’s Action Time!  The fan-favorite internet sensation now has its own comic book! Bro the Kung-fu Pegasus, Artie the Bookworm Ninja, and Kid the Boy Pilot are out to find danger, monsters, bad guys, and the magic of friendship in their most exciting, wackiest adventure time on the playground of life yet!  The action scene is just kicking into gear, so don’t miss out on this exploding phenomenon! This first issue is sure to get snapped up!” It’s coming this February (in full color!) from Antarctic Press, and you can order it at Things from Another World.

image c. 2012 Antarctic Press

ARP survey finds nearly 1 in 4 furs identify as bronies

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The latest roundup of results from the Anthropomorphic Research Project uses 1065 surveys taken at Anthrocon 2012, 802 online non-furry participants, and data from six prior studies.

Many findings revolved around the involvement of bronies in furry fandom:

  • The 23.5% of furries also identifying as bronies did not significantly differ from other furries in most respects; they reported greater experience of bullying, slightly worse physical health, and appeared to have a slightly less-formed sense of identity
  • Bronies in furry fandom had been part of the fandom for longer than the average fur
  • Furries who thought bronies were also furries had a higher opinion of them; some furs dismissed them as obnoxious, a fad, or immature, or had problems with specific bronies

In addition, the larger non-furry sample made it possible to make several general findings:

  • Furries tend to be more liberal and 'global citizens' than non-furs; most are not religious
  • Furries know more about animals ... but could occasionally be over-confident about it
  • Furries were three times less likely to consider themselves exclusively heterosexual than non-furries, four to five times more likely to say they were exclusively homosexual, and far more likely to report bisexuality or orientations such as pansexuality or asexuality
  • Furries reported a greater history of physical and verbal bullying than non-furries
  • Furries did not differ significantly to American non-furs with regard to psychological or relationship health, or self-esteem, but had a more-developed sense of self and identity

The analysis also refined earlier findings about therians, identified popular furry websites and artists, and introduced a scale to distinguish between "healthy fantasy engagement" (which furs had significantly more of than non-furs) and "unhealthy fantasy" (which they did not).

Andrew W.K. to join panel at Brony convention; let's discuss furry con guests

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Bronies: are they furry? Skipping that topic, let me just say this makes me like Andrew W.K.:

The unruly, boisterous rocker will be part of a panel answering the question, "What Would Pinkie Pie Do?"... The king of partying hard claims that he is the living embodiment of the positive, party pony.

In this interview, the rocker known for a bloody-nosed image discusses why he's a Brony, his love for cupcakes, and ponies with "nice, fragrant hair."

Review: 'Bronies: For the Love of Ponies', edited by L. Lambert Lawson

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The title and subtitle, Bronies: For the Love of Ponies suggests that this is an anthology of stories set in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic world. Not exactly. Oh, there’s no question that Hasbro’s mega-popular MLP:FIM October 2010 TV cartoon series is the inspiration for this anthology. But these fifteen stories go beyond what might be expected of your typical Brony fan-fiction.

“This anthology, then,” says Kij Johnson at the end of her Foreword, “is a melting pot for all these things. Bronies. Boys and ponies. Girls and ponies. Girls and bronies. Boys and horses. Humans and alien things remarkably like horses but not quite. Pubescent crushes on things that are not other pubescents. Adult crushes on intellectual properties. And so forth. Maybe even girls and their horses.” (p. 9)

Kazka Press, June 2012, trade paperback $13.99 (207 pages); Kindle/Nook $8.99. Edited by L. Lambert Lawson. Foreword by Kij Johnson. Illustration by Galen Dara.

Opinion: Applejack is the best pony

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ApplejackI realized last week, when Hasbro thought it was a good idea to release a movie based on Battleship, that I will probably be reviewing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie within the next couple of years. At least that is a Hasbro property people actually want a movie of.

In preparation, I decided to sit down with the first season of said Hasbro property. Finally, I feel I understand where these “bronies” are coming from.

It involves cats, but first ...