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Can Sean Connery's voice save 'Sir Billi' from its own CGI?

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Sir BiliDoes Sean Connery have a death wish?

That is the only reason that I can think of for his investing money, executive-producing, and voice-acting in the forthcoming first Scottish CGI animated feature, Sir Billi.

The Cartoon Brew website has the latest trailer, which is unbelievable. The humans and talking animals are the ugliest that I have ever seen. (Well, except for Hoodwinked, but that at least had a clever plot.)

Sir Billi is about, to quote CB’s Amid Amidi, a retired skateboarding bald senior-citizen veterinarian (Connery) with Gordon, his anthropomorphic homosexual pet goat with bladder problems, who wears a Bruce Lee-style yellow jumpsuit and thinks that he is a dog. Together they set out to rescue Bessie Boo, Scotland’s last beaver, and Wee Dave, a cute rabbit who helped raise her.

ScotiaCon draws fifty furs to Scottish Highlands in first year

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ScotiaCon bannerLast weekend saw ScotiaCon draw about 50 furs, guests and staff to the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Inverness. Around a dozen fursuits were seen during the three-day event.

Scotland's first furry convention was in planning for over two years. Fursuit builder Fatkraken and local composer Fox Amoore were the guests of honour.

See also: ScotiaCon 2011 trailer and outtakes – con reports: Equium, Awkore

ScotiaCon resets date, website

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ScotiaCon, Scotland's first Furry convention, has re-launched their website and set a new date: 15 to 17 July 2011. The ScotiaCon LiveJournal community has been deleted.

Editor's note: Prices have also been announced; £65 for regular members, £95 for sponsors.

ScotiaCon's website up-and-running

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The ScotiaCon logo

The official website for ScotiaCon, Scotland's first furry convention, is now fully online.

The convention, which will take place next Easter in Inverness, has issued a range of prices for attendees, from a basic £55 which offers just access to the con (known as the "MacRegular"), with extras being offered at £65 ("MacPremium") and £99 ("MacSponsor").

ScotiaCon will take place at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel. It will also have fursuiting facilities and a dealer’s den. You do not have to be a furry to attend.

Scotland to get its first furry convention

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The current Scotiacon logo

We interview Ixis, the vice-chairwoman of Scotland's first furry convention - ScotiaCon.

ScotiaCon is to be held some time during Easter 2010 in Inverness. I interviewed the vice-chairwoman Ixis about the forthcoming event.

TCW: First question, pure and simple - What is ScotiaCon (or Scotiacon - which is the correct spelling)?

Ixis: ScotiaCon is our attempt to create Scotland's first furry convention, simply, but it means a lot more to all those involved. We feel Scotland has been left out a little bit when it comes to UK furry events and we want to put that right.