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ScotiaCon draws fifty furs to Scottish Highlands in first year

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ScotiaCon bannerLast weekend saw ScotiaCon draw about 50 furs, guests and staff to the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Inverness. Around a dozen fursuits were seen during the three-day event.

Scotland's first furry convention was in planning for over two years. Fursuit builder Fatkraken and local composer Fox Amoore were the guests of honour.

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ScotiaCon resets date, website

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ScotiaCon, Scotland's first Furry convention, has re-launched their website and set a new date: 15 to 17 July 2011. The ScotiaCon LiveJournal community has been deleted.

Editor's note: Prices have also been announced; £65 for regular members, £95 for sponsors.

ScotiaCon's website up-and-running

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The ScotiaCon logo

The official website for ScotiaCon, Scotland's first furry convention, is now fully online.

The convention, which will take place next Easter in Inverness, has issued a range of prices for attendees, from a basic £55 which offers just access to the con (known as the "MacRegular"), with extras being offered at £65 ("MacPremium") and £99 ("MacSponsor").

ScotiaCon will take place at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel. It will also have fursuiting facilities and a dealer’s den. You do not have to be a furry to attend.

Scotland to get its first furry convention

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The current Scotiacon logo

We interview Ixis, the vice-chairwoman of Scotland's first furry convention - ScotiaCon.

ScotiaCon is to be held some time during Easter 2010 in Inverness. I interviewed the vice-chairwoman Ixis about the forthcoming event.

TCW: First question, pure and simple - What is ScotiaCon (or Scotiacon - which is the correct spelling)?

Ixis: ScotiaCon is our attempt to create Scotland's first furry convention, simply, but it means a lot more to all those involved. We feel Scotland has been left out a little bit when it comes to UK furry events and we want to put that right.