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ScotiaCon resets date, website

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ScotiaCon, Scotland's first Furry convention, has re-launched their website and set a new date: 15 to 17 July 2011. The ScotiaCon LiveJournal community has been deleted.

Editor's note: Prices have also been announced; £65 for regular members, £95 for sponsors.


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As chairman of the convention i can confirm the information contained here is fully correct and further more the deletion of the live journal community is intentional and will be reappearing with in the month except as a user so that our website is able to cross post new information to Live Journal too!

Black Wolf (Co-Chairman and Stage Manager)

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Thanks for the comment! I admit I was a bit confused by the deletion. Have you considered just making an RSS feed for news and setting it up on LJ, like Flayrah's? That way you could have a separate community for unofficial discussions.

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Hi there, thanks for the reply GreenReaper! There is both an RSS feed for the news and the comments which visitors can access from the main website, and for both official and unofficial discussions, we have our own forums which we encourage anyone to use. (

Smirnoff (Co-Chairman and Head of Public Relations)

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