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ScotiaCon draws fifty furs to Scottish Highlands in first year

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ScotiaCon bannerLast weekend saw ScotiaCon draw about 50 furs, guests and staff to the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Inverness. Around a dozen fursuits were seen during the three-day event.

Scotland's first furry convention was in planning for over two years. Fursuit builder Fatkraken and local composer Fox Amoore were the guests of honour.

See also: ScotiaCon 2011 trailer and outtakes – con reports: Equium, Awkore

A fursuit trip to Inverness ended in downpour, but the auction was a success, with a 30-year-old bottle of Famous Grouse going for £450. Attendees were also invited to sample local delicacies, such as Cullen Sink, haggis and deep-fried Mars bar.

Hotel staff got into the spirit, wearing tails and singing along. There's plenty of room for expansion, with space for at least 200 attendees.

The launch of this new event came just two months after ConFuzzled in Manchester, now the only other British convention after the suspension of London's RBW in February.


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Thank you for this story. I've had a little trouble finding after-con reports of ScotiaCon. I did find one FA user (Awkore)who had a good story and some pics.

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Thanks for the tip! I've added his report to the story. And yeah, it wasn't that well-reported, I had to ask to get a rough attendance figure. The smaller the event, the less you have to work with.

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Is 50 a lot for a new convention?

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It's a lot for a new convention in the Scottish Highlands! ConFuzzled 2011 had 499, but it's centrally located and was in its fourth year. I suspect they'll have a few more next year, although they're unfortunately squashed between CF (May) and Eurofurence (August). [Holding it in winter is probably not a viable alternative even RBW's slot is now free.]

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Hi GreenReaper,

If you'd ever like anymore "official" information on ScotiaCon in the future, feel free to buzz me directly through FA or our website - as Co-Chair and Head of PR I'd only be too happy to help :)

Thanks for the article, it was a nice read :D

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You're welcome! And thanks for the offer. One reason I asked in public is that we try to link to verifiable public sources, and this is impossible with an email. I also thought the answer might be interesting to other UKfur forum readers.

Now, if this information had been present on the official website . . . *grin*

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Ah of course, well I'm guessing the UK Fur boards helped out a bit on that front :)

I think that information might go up on wikifur, our website will be updated very soon - and we're all too tired from the con to do it just yet ;)

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And how about the... ahem, *quality* of the participants?

>deep-fried Mars bar

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