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Review: 'District 14, Season 2', by Pierre Gabus and Romuald Reutimann

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District 14: Season 2I reviewed District 14, Season 1 on Flayrah on February 12, 2013, saying:


I don’t know what’s going on, but wow!

Three years have passed since Season 1. As before, the main character is the mysterious Babar-esque elephant immigrant known as Michael Elizondo, with his recently made best friend, the reckless investigative reporter Hector McKeagh the beaver.

Season 2 continues the elaborate comic-art “crime noir” mystery set in an early 20th-century steampunk version of New York City populated with humans, anthropomorphic animals and flying-saucer aliens.

Wow, indeed.

Translation by Anna Provitola, Los Angeles, Humanoids, Inc., January 2014, hardcover $39.95 (358 [+ 1] pages).

Which is the best mascot for the 2015 Pan American Games?

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15% (5 votes)
18% (6 votes)
32% (11 votes)
24% (8 votes)
Hat twins
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Votes: 34

Vote to choose the mascot of the 2015 Pan American Games

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The 2015 Pan American Games are running an online vote until May 5 to choose their mascot. The six finalists, selected from 4,130 entries, are:

1) a Maple-leaf headed beaver 2) a moose 3) a multi-colour owl
4) a porcupine with multi-color quills 5) a raccoon 6) twins wearing hats

See more: Original finalist designs, prior to conversion to Pan Am colours and style by illustrator/animator James Caswell of Sheridan College.

Toys: After Happy Beaver and Trickster Fox, ... what?

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'happy beaver' painted samplePixar story artist Jeff Pidgeon (Toy Story, etc.) is a toy fanatic. Not just a collector – he designs his own. After designing and manufacturing Happy Beaver and Trickster Fox, he has decided to open an online store to sell them and others that he will create. They will also be available at “select boutiques”.

Certainly Trickster Fox is anthropomorphic, and Happy Beaver probably is, also. Pidgeon’s store will have to be kept in mind by those wanting fine-art models of anthropomorphized animals.

Wired has an extensive interview with Pidgeon and twelve closeup illustrations of his characters from their clay models through their finished forms.

Can Sean Connery's voice save 'Sir Billi' from its own CGI?

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Sir BiliDoes Sean Connery have a death wish?

That is the only reason that I can think of for his investing money, executive-producing, and voice-acting in the forthcoming first Scottish CGI animated feature, Sir Billi.

The Cartoon Brew website has the latest trailer, which is unbelievable. The humans and talking animals are the ugliest that I have ever seen. (Well, except for Hoodwinked, but that at least had a clever plot.)

Sir Billi is about, to quote CB’s Amid Amidi, a retired skateboarding bald senior-citizen veterinarian (Connery) with Gordon, his anthropomorphic homosexual pet goat with bladder problems, who wears a Bruce Lee-style yellow jumpsuit and thinks that he is a dog. Together they set out to rescue Bessie Boo, Scotland’s last beaver, and Wee Dave, a cute rabbit who helped raise her.

Gigantic beaver invades Fort Smith

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"Canada's Secret War Weapon Escapes!" — "IT'S COMIN' RIGHT FOR US!" — "Nickelodeon's 1990s Cartoon Based on True Canadian Stories?" — "Why did the Beaver Cross the Road?"

Any of those headlines would be equally accurate in this very odd story from Fort Smith in Canada's Northwest Territories.  The small, otherwise-sleepy northern town just north of the Alberta-NWT border was the victim of a rampaging beaver that alarmed several residents and prompted a call from the territory's Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The Beaver re-branded for modern readers

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A wet beaver

Long-running Canadian nature/pet magazine The Beaver this week announced its imminent re-branding as North American Pussy. The change comes after a shift towards smaller, more manageable companions.

Many Canadian girls used to keep beavers in the 70s and 80s, but with today's busy lifestyles, they are now far more likely to have a fluffy tail on their lap than a wet beaver – if there's anything there at all.

Rabid Beaver Attacks in West Virginia

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An eight-year old West Virginia girl was attacked by a rabid beaver in early July, reminding us all that even the least aggressive of animals can be dangerous under certain conitions. See this article for details.

Beaver Moves In

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A beaver found a chair on a porch just the place to spend the night. Complete article here.

Beaver gnaws through red tape to build dam

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What an Austrian conservation group spent 3 years trying to get permission for, unsucessfully, a beaver created overnight.
The group was trying to get a dam to help divert water into a dried out tributary vital of the local river ecology, and the baver built his dam in just the right spot for that to happen. The human dam builders think the beaver did a spot on job, and hope his good work will land the little fellow a mate come spring.