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Toys: After Happy Beaver and Trickster Fox, ... what?

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'happy beaver' painted samplePixar story artist Jeff Pidgeon (Toy Story, etc.) is a toy fanatic. Not just a collector – he designs his own. After designing and manufacturing Happy Beaver and Trickster Fox, he has decided to open an online store to sell them and others that he will create. They will also be available at “select boutiques”.

Certainly Trickster Fox is anthropomorphic, and Happy Beaver probably is, also. Pidgeon’s store will have to be kept in mind by those wanting fine-art models of anthropomorphized animals.

Wired has an extensive interview with Pidgeon and twelve closeup illustrations of his characters from their clay models through their finished forms.


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In the dealer's den and artist alley at every furry con, it's always the same thing from table to table. Original art, prints, shot glasses, mass produced plushies, etc.

I'd love to see more original 3D art like this. It'd make me want to go back into the dealers den again.

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