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Winners of the 2019 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards

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Commission for SammyTheTanuki, by Ira-ArnThe winners of the 2019 Best Anthropomorphic Artwork Awards have been announced! There are too many wonderful pieces to show here, so if you have the time, check out the complete list in their Google doc. (Some mild NSFW content.)

The judge's choice winner for 2019 is "Commission for SammyTheTanuki" by Ira-Arn!

And the people's choice winner, which beat the other contenders by a wide margin, is
"Painters" by BubbleWolf.

The other two finalists were "Wildflower" by Neonhorns, and "Adventure awaits!" by Hitmore. There were four runners-up to this category, and over twenty contenders on top of those! A special merit award was given to "Courage on Two Wheels", in honor of Dogbomb.

Something I'm glad to see in the awards list is artwork that they accidentally missed in previous years, such as two 2018 pieces by Amarian, and they also have an "Artist to watch" category - this year it's Aurru, and they also make a point to mention Gabyt, ShrewD1/DASK, IndustriousFox, and Oskolock.

Congrats to all the winners, and here's to the future discovery of more great artwork!

(If you'd be interested in joining the judging team, they've posted the requirements in this Twitter thread. Applications are open until the end of January.)

Painters, by BubbleWolf


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