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The Return of Moose and Squirrel

The pride of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota return to comics as IDW Publishing brings us Rocky & Bullwinkle #1 this March. It’s the first issue of a 4-issue full-color miniseries written by Mark Evanier and illustrated by Roger Langridge. SEE Rocky and Bullwinkle try to stop Boris and Natasha from duping a wealthy philanthropist in The Psychic Sidekick! The issue also features a back-up story with the dashing Dudley Do-Right battling the the nefarious Snidely Whiplash. Meanwhile, also in March IDW will premiere Rocky & Bullwinkle Classics Volume 1: Star Billing. This 122-page trade paperback gathers together issues 1 – 4 of the original Gold Key Rocky & Bullwinkle comics from the 1970′s, written and illustrated by Al Kilgore. Dudley and his cohorts, as well as Mr. Peabody and Sherman, appear in back-up stories.
'Rocky and Bullwinkle' #1 comic cover

The Moose of Might — or Vice Versa

Back from San Diego Comic Con, and we have SO much to tell you about! First up is Moos Miht, a black & white independent comic book series written and illustrated by Joshua Warner (and published by Hanging Chad Entertainment). It follows the adventures of a young adult moose living in Detroit who discovers that he is the son of a famous superhero, Mighty Moose — and several international crime organizations are after his hide because of it! According to Mr. Warner it’s less of a “spandex adventure” than a “noir crime drama” with animal characters. Decide for yourself: Visit the preview page at Comic Book Trailers. Recently, the first five-issue story arc has been collected into a trade paperback graphic novel.

image c. 2013 Joshua Warner

Which is the best mascot for the 2015 Pan American Games?

12% (4 votes)
15% (5 votes)
18% (6 votes)
32% (11 votes)
24% (8 votes)
Hat twins
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Votes: 34

Vote to choose the mascot of the 2015 Pan American Games

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The 2015 Pan American Games are running an online vote until May 5 to choose their mascot. The six finalists, selected from 4,130 entries, are:

1) a Maple-leaf headed beaver 2) a moose 3) a multi-colour owl
4) a porcupine with multi-color quills 5) a raccoon 6) twins wearing hats

See more: Original finalist designs, prior to conversion to Pan Am colours and style by illustrator/animator James Caswell of Sheridan College.

Elk rescued from tree

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Yes, you read that right. An intoxicated elk found himself up a tree with no way down... a situation only cats are supposed to find themselves in. []

According to Sweden's edition of The Local, the elk was grazing on fermenting apples that had fallen off the tree, and became a bit drunk; a common phenomenon. What happened next is anything but: the elk decided to eat the apples located higher up in the tree, and began to climb it. The majestic, antlered creature became entangled within the tree's limbs, and required assistance from rescuers to get back onto terra firma.

Bully The Moose enlisted

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Salon reports that the USS Theodore Roosevelt, anchored in the North Arabian Sea, has its own mascot, Bully the Moose. "I put on the moose suit to spread cheer," says Lt. Cmdr. Terry Chauncey.

Two Alaskan Moose Frightened by Children, Swingset

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Two amusing stories off the newswire that I felt were worth sharing. Both from a week ago or so...

Moose Narrowly Escapes Halloween Goblins in Terror

Swingset Attacks Area Moose, Suffers Consequences

Hunter Shoots Hermaphrodite Moose

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This article on Yahoo tells how a hunter in the Yukon Territory got the surprise of his life when shooting a moose which he thought was male. Upon further examination however, he learned this was NOT the case...

I can only wonder if this moose escaped from one of the MUCKs? :-)

Moose takes swim in backyard pool

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CBS News reports that a 1500-lb bull moose decided to beat the heat by hopping into a Spokane family's back yard pool. Although the pool owner was startled, he did manage to snap a photo before the moose exited the pool and hopped over the fence to leave, presumably refreshed. You can see the photo here.