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Elk rescued from tree

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Yes, you read that right. An intoxicated elk found himself up a tree with no way down... a situation only cats are supposed to find themselves in. []

According to Sweden's edition of The Local, the elk was grazing on fermenting apples that had fallen off the tree, and became a bit drunk; a common phenomenon. What happened next is anything but: the elk decided to eat the apples located higher up in the tree, and began to climb it. The majestic, antlered creature became entangled within the tree's limbs, and required assistance from rescuers to get back onto terra firma.

The elk may have paid the apple tree a visit before, almost being hit by the owner's car. This is oddly reminiscent of a drunk badger that blocked a road in Germany back in 2009, or a more-recent story also near Gothenburg, of a fursuit-wearing criminal. Perhaps animals and alcohol (or at least rotting/fermenting fruits) just don't mix...

It is not yet known whether the elk is a member of the Loyal Order of Moose – or, for that matter, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.


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The "fursuit-wearing criminal" link only points to this article. Where is it supposed to go?

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I'm guessing it was here (the link was added after publication). I've updated the post.

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