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Vote to choose the mascot of the 2015 Pan American Games

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The 2015 Pan American Games are running an online vote until May 5 to choose their mascot. The six finalists, selected from 4,130 entries, are:

1) a Maple-leaf headed beaver 2) a moose 3) a multi-colour owl
4) a porcupine with multi-color quills 5) a raccoon 6) twins wearing hats

See more: Original finalist designs, prior to conversion to Pan Am colours and style by illustrator/animator James Caswell of Sheridan College.

A single vote may be made from a single email address once per day. However, the public vote only forms 10% of the final score, which is also based on whether the design:

  • embodies the spirit and values of the competition (30%)
  • is original, colourful, and representative of the brand (20%)
  • has "strong kid appeal" (20%)
  • is reflective of the city, province and country (10%), and
  • is acceptable for commercial reproduction (10%)

These weightings were also used to select the finalists, with focus group feedback substituted for the public vote. [Official rules.]
The judging panel consisted of seven Toronto 2015 staff, including representatives from marketing and communications, sponsorship and community outreach, and cultural affairs.

Some of the more "unique" entries included:

[…] the CN Tower, a strip of Canadian bacon, a CIBC credit card [CIBC is a sponsor of the games] and a lightning bolt.

Entries were based on teamwork, with groups of two to six schoolchildren involved in each submission.
The Games are to be held July 10–26, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and its environs. Their mascot will be unveiled July 17.

Pick a winner: Have your own say on the top finalist in our poll

Update (17 Jul): The winner has been chosen - Pachi the Porcupine. The costume actually looks pretty good.


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I choose the porcupine; seems the most friendly and enthusiastic of the proposed mascots.

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Since the contest ended in July 2013, and the porcupine was announced as the winner, this September 2014 comment seems a bit late.

Fred Patten

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At least they chose the right one!

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