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Article on furries in Tin House's sex issue

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An article on furries appeared in the recent issue of Tin House, a Portland, Oregon based literary magazine.
The feature, written by magazine editor Elissa Schappell appeared in issue #15, the Sex issue. Elissa attended the 2000 Anthrocon in a rented raccoon suit.

The author presents herself as a "stranger in a strange land", a normal human looking at these weird furries and their culture. The article is very even-handed. She presents us as people who are just a little eccentric. No different than someone who had never seen Star Trek writing about their conventions.

And unlike Vanity Fair, she isn't fixated on the tabloid and gratuitous aspects of the fandom.

She does mention plushophiles, briefly, as well as the porn. And says, "...the only real difference between furrie[sic] porn and human porn is that furrie porn has more of a sense of humor."

She spends most of her time describing the difficultly in walking around in a giant fursuit.

An excerpt of the article can be seen on the magzine's web site, here



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