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"Animal Imitators" TLC Movie May Showcase Furries, Weres

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The movie "Animal Imitators" (information here) will be shown on August 19th and 20th on TLC.

The description reads, "Meet people who tattoo their bodies, file their teeth and nails, and dress up as animals everyday. They believe they are another species trapped in a human body - a phenomenon called trans-species - and are only content when they are mimicking an animal."Sounds like this may include interviews with furries, or at least weres. I don't know of any other large fandoms which deal with a "trans-species" phenomenon in the therian sense. If it does refer to our group as a whole, we can only hope TLC will be two-sided and not stereotype.

Should be an interesting watch, though. I assume Stalking Cat will be in it.



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Thanks, Trickster.

Last I heard, Stalking Cat is in it as well as Snap E Tiger. I'll be taping it and from what I've heard the show is British in origin hinting that the presentation will be balanced if not positive.

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I have seen the promo short for it on TLC, WolfTail ( is also featured. From what I have read, they seem to be looking at a certain type of person, including those who might be considered "lifestylers" in the furry fandom.

I recall about a year ago getting an email from these folks,m I wish I had kept it around. At the time, I declined to participate. Looking back, I doubt I would have fit in to what they were looking for.

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Its a New Zealand company.

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It's also TV-PG, so it probably won't be very sex-centric.

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Poking around on google I found a little more information on the show. The VCR+ number to record the show is definately 395643. I think this is a description of the show from the company that produced it.

Here's a description of the company that made it.

Here seems to be another description of the same show I think, when it appeared in a film festival.

I'm just curious, who says the show is British in origin?
I think this show will be interesting to watch.

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