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OklaCon Festival of the Feral

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Looks like we have another new furry con coming up. OklaCon Festival of the Feral will take place at Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, OK, on Oct. 31 through Nov. 2, 2003. Pre-registration deadline is Oct. 19.

Note from mwalimu: I am not affiliated with this con and hadn't heard of it until I followed a weblink. If you have any further information about it, favorable or otherwise, please post a comment.


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ACtually I talked to a guy who was helping run it at MFM. It looks like its going to be pretty cool :)

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I'd highly recommend it! They've been working really hard on getting this set up and it looks like a lot of fun.

"Curiously enough, the dolphins had long known of the impending destruction of the planet Earth and had made many attempts to alert mankind to the danger; but most of their communications were misinterpreted as amusing attempts to punch footballs..."

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The site of the Convention is quite a drive from any major airport. Roman Nose Park is a nice area, but with it being held in such a remote location, it may not see much more than local attendees.

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Just a quick reply... Yes, it is about an hour's drive WNW of Oklahoma City, OK, but we WILL hhave the entire state park to ourselves. Yes, that's right, boys n girls, the ENTIRE 933 ACRES!
So, come take a look at our site, we're constantly updating it, and we'll have some pretty eyecandy up here soon to excite the masses. =)
-Baral`heia Stormdancer
Treasurer, Festival of the Feral 2003

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Hi! I'm Calli.

I am in charge of the Artist's Alley/Dealer's Den as well as the Conbook.

I am basic loudmouth of the group and I am happy to answer any question. If I cant answer it, I will bring it up at the next meeting and it will be taken care of.

I do want to put the shout out that I am taking requests for anyone who wants to rent tables for the con.

$10.00 for a half table
$15.00 for a full table.

They are basic school lunchroom tables and you will be able to decorate it anyway you desire as long as it's tasteful. There will be more rules to artwork and what can and cant be displayed at a later date.

Just let me know and I will answer any questions!


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